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Risky did you take that motor out of a Semi Truck? Damn that's Huge lol

Lmao no its just huge 🤣


Heres the remodeled undercage bottom thing


modeled a new roof rack.

Still waiting for that crazy dude with a torch and sawzall to get his hands on this one....

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Still waiting for that crazy dude with a torch and sawzall to get his hands on this one....

Yea ive been working on a single cab, just havent posted pictures yet.

I'll keep you posted

I think the noise on your textures are a bit exaggerated @RiskyWisky



we have our first donator, ghouly. Soon I'm going to start making him some cool trucks, so keep posted.


Got a boat in game, and got the code working to where it is light enough to float


no front wheel anymore, just 2 rear stock uaz wheels that have insane grip on them and the coded radius is bigger. they act as a rutter

@RiskyWisky Looking good mate!

The other boats I've tried are very slow. Are you planning on making this one faster?

@RiskyWisky sweet boat! A power boat or a cigarette boat would be sweet too if we could get them to cruise. I tried tuning up the boat from "At World's End" but didn't have much luck.

So I found out that if you have Long gears it will bog down in the water, so it will have 12 short but fast gears. It’s in early beta right now and soon will be able to carry logs


Did tons of work to the boat.

  1. Streched it out

  2. Made the make shift canopy shorter

  3. Added a ladder and a cooler (cant really see it well in this shot but its behind the seat)

  4. Did some gearing work.

Code for gearing:

	<Motor MaxDeltaAngVel="0.01" Torque="500000">
		<ReverseGear AngVel="0.1" />
		<HighGear AngVel="4" />
		<Gear AngVel="0.15" />
		<Gear AngVel="0.2" />
		<Gear AngVel="0.28" />
		<Gear AngVel="0.35" />
		<Gear AngVel="0.65" />

The stuff is SUPER Low due to the fact that if it goes too fast it will bog out. The tires are at max grip so it can float in the water.

CLEAR NOTICE: Please consult me before using this code. Also, this mod is in beta, so don't hate


Took the boat out on @SmarOneNine 's Oxford Trails (really nice map too man)

I modeled a Roof. And Made 2 addons, a fridge and 2 buckets

The boat right now atm goes 10 kph, im working on making it way faster but not too fast.

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It's looking really good so far!