Risky and Redneck's Modded Workshop

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Just some random crap i've been working on.

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some art for a blacksplash on my profile

0_1539458061111_20180923151756_1.jpg This is the racing peterbuilt on the Watersedge trail racing mud pit.

@riskywisky Wow man, I see you're still at it

@RoughRider Yea i've been doin it for almost 3 years now...

International Harvester R190 with log trailer on it. going to change the wheels and put logs on it


The trailer with new wheels. Does anyone have experience with coding logs? I have mine modeled and already coded but they do not work. Any help is greatly appreciated.


New logging trailer with logs

5_1539731459344_crawler.PNG 4_1539731459344_crawler(5).PNG 3_1539731459344_crawler(4).PNG 2_1539731459342_crawler(3).PNG 1_1539731459341_crawler(2).PNG 0_1539731459340_crawler(1).PNG

Smoothest rock crawler i've ever made

(tires are from @Banksys_Graffiti and i have permission to use them 😉 )

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Substance Painter makes the model look way sicker... tried it out and my models look really good!

@riskywisky What is this misery? You saw your work yourself, the author with the experience of 3 year?

@Dantes_666 yeah i think 2 or 3 years but making maps!
he just started making his mods, and we all have a rough start with it, same with textures... I strugled with substance so much at first I even released the HJ79 Yota with textures made in cycles rather than working them on substance, and if he wants to share his first try with substance who are you to call it misery?? Dante_666... show us your work on a topic and then shut up, becuase you're not better than anybody (why) because we all have diferent learning curves (so?) we all take our time to build and develop and gain our experience in the game, he might not make a awesome super detailed mod atm but look at his maps... I cant even build a map and I respect all map makers in fact I feel that making mods or car models its too easy (for me) but thats because I been working models and mods since 2015 same with him and many others who have been making maps for a long time, and those that just got into making mods will always have bad looking content because thats how it all starts..dont believe in me go ahead and look at oovee for my oshkosh TR its su ugly i deleted the model and plan to make it from 0 only because I want to do it with all the knowledge I have now.

if you feel you have a good enough answer go to my pm i read them all even the hate ones about how I miss write stuff

@Forces thanks man ive always wanted to say that to the community and get it out..

Those trucks are JACKED. They look insane!

@digital-x said in Risky's Map n' Mods Showcase:

Those trucks are JACKED. They look insane!

Thanks man. If spun does a top truck challenge thing this year i will put that truck in.

Didn't he have one? He had videos on it fairly recently.

He had teasers but he did not know if he will actually do it this year.

If anyone has substance painter tips put em here.. thanks