Mods by Zidon ;)

That High-lift Vit was one of my favorite vehicles in ST! hope it will be brought back!
I always wanted to make mine because Iceland fender flares are not seen anywhere else in the world 🙂 but I can't seem to get the hang of 3ds.

How do you download mods on spintires on the xbox1

@mudman111 said in Mods by Zidon 😉:

How do you download mods on spintires on the xbox1

you can't

one of the most realistic mods out there

@zidon155, That's really cool Zidon. Thanks for sharing that.

Today nice offroading with friends! 😉




hitting the trails with friends is hard to beat. 2 thumbs up

Very cool! MR could use some Suzukis. Great video too!

Your video is broken - I can't use mouse to look around...

Its time for some fresh spring mud! 😉

0_1520925669023_IMG_20180311_111000_HDR.jpg 0_1520925702837_IMG_20180311_110803_HDR.jpg
0_1520925745061_IMG_20180311_110926_HDR.jpg 0_1520925753483_29026515_2037192666310603_2436485426047877120_n.jpg

Never been next to any russian machine in real but those tyres are bloody huge!