Mods by Zidon ;)

Hey, I love this car, but how is it possible that this small crane picked up this huge log? (btw, does the crane works?)

Crane isnt working...sorry ... 😛

@zidon155 So I guess we need some mod tool to implement custom cranes and other tools 🙂 Pity, once I saw this car as a modification to the old game, I never tested it myself but I always thought this little cute crane really works 😞

Amazing ! One of the best mods for Mudrunner so far .

Nice bro 😉 What map is that?

@zidon155 said in Mods by Zidon 😉:

Nice bro 😉 What map is that?

Paramount Circuit by Jenngot464 Link

alt text

Looks good Zidon. Thanks

@stellyan Woow bro - thanks for map its perfect! I like it! 🙂

5_1511200205252_20171120184416_1.jpg 4_1511200205252_20171120184105_1.jpg 3_1511200205252_20171120183916_1.jpg 2_1511200205252_20171120182151_1.jpg 1_1511200205252_20171120181652_1.jpg 0_1511200205252_20171120180840_1.jpg

Ok, I am not a trial-type, but I've gave it a shot...


You CAN'T stop this!

#&@€|\đ#!# plow!!

Night rallye stage!

TOO narrow...

@sodoma zidon's Tatra is a good machine to use for trials. it is one of the few on my usual vehicle load out lists.

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@8up-local Most favorite vehicle ever! There is no any other, that I've spent more kilometers with!

First snow with my real Vitara 😉
0_1512405978784_IMG1.jpg 0_1512405988835_IMG_20171204_161207.jpg 0_1512406030626_IMG_2.jpg

That's cool Zidon. Looks like a good time. 🙂

Heyo Fellow Vit brother!!
Looks amazing man! those 31's?
Cheers from Iceland!

Mine is just waiting for me to get off me ass and fix the transmission.. and finish the motorswap but it drives.
alt text

Tatoo: Yes - it was fun 😉

Kent_Bobo: Thanks 😉 Yours looks very nice too! 🙂
Wheels are 215/80 R15 😉 It has 5cm bodylift + Trailmaster springs and dampers.+ 2x ARB diff locks 🙂

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@zidon155, Cool looking rides. Did anyone ever make one of those for Spintires or Mudrunner ?