Yasss! Looks awesome man!

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alt text

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figured you was holding onto this one for mud runner. very nice, as usual of course.

Looks great as usual.

Here it is after some basic textures are applied
alt text

alt text

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@Spun So. something we are all going to have to start thinking about is this damn memory limit. I take it that you guys are trying to keep your mods optimized as best as possible. I love ya'lls stuff. I just hope it'll run nicely on the game lol. Them TSL's look sweet.

@mexican_420, Did that 4gig patch help with your crashing problem?

You betcha! Thanks so much for the heads-up on that, dude!

@tattoo It helps for a while but it still crashes. It happens when it changes from day to night or night to day.

@roughrider Our mods worked fine in the previous game so they should work in MudRunner. they need to figure this out. Can't put anything in the game with any detail unless the poly count soars.

@spun I agree. Why have a game with mod support if the game doesnt have the power to support mods.

@spun, I haven't had a crash yet and I've been using Nix's mods as well as others with modded maps and no problems. Weird. I also removed the 4gig patch because I didn't notice any difference when using it.

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@tattoo The only difference I noticed was a few mods had white textures.

I had that issue intermittently too before patching... Weird...
Think my 1GB video card has anything to do with it?

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@mexican_420 Please delete the link in this post!

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