Closed Technical Alpha Sign-ups Re-opened!

my friend got key and not I 😞 rip life

Signed up as well. I guess I'll be of use if y'all need some low-end data.

Just signed in, played some "day of infamy" before and loved it. Greetings from South America/Chile. My nephew got an Alpha key, hope to get one too so we can enjoy testing your new work together guys 🙂

Signed in a couple of times :))

Hey it would be nice to see if your game can work on lower end of the spectrum in terms of hardware ( i3 6006 mobile chip @ 2GHz should be able to oc that 😂 , 4 gigz of ram and i will be upgrading that sucka soon to 8 gigz and a nice ssd and gt 920 MX ) which is enough to play Insurgency and Day of Infamy with playable framerates. Shiii can play battlefield 3 so i would like to test if it can play your new title 😂 wink wink

so is it a bot that picks the people that get the key's or do you guys hand select the people?

@70mahawk good luck bro. hope your wishes become true

We have one guy in your clan in the Alpha. Last night we had our normal Sunday evening meet up. All of us on TeamSpeak so we asked him what he thought of Sandstorm. The fact he gushed for a 10 minutes telling us how great the game is and how well the gameplay fits our as a clan is a great sign. It's hard not to be excited when a friend of 20 years, a guy we all know so well is so excited about the game.

Woop! looking forward to this. I have tested several FPS games with friends of mine in closed alphas and betas before. Never have I participated in an Alpha that I have pre purchased the game. I am an absolute fanboy of Insurgency, and the mods produced!

I'm really excited that this was opened again! If selected, I pledge to provide feedback for sure!!

i wanna play this game gibs me dat code i still play OG insurgency i need this in my life

I really hope I get to test it out

just singed to alpha!
preodered game as well
glhf everyone

@nomind Um its to late bud invites were sent out last week you gotta wait for beta now.

@netheos I recieved an email saying I'm been invited to play the Sandstorm Closed Technical Alpha.. but there's no key? Same goes for here. Got the invite, no key.

sitting here, fingers crossed, hoping i get invited