Multiplayer connection failed

I tried to play mudrunner with my friend. If I created the lobby, he could join and play for about 10 seconds, then he got a message "connection failed". If he created the lobby and I joined, I could play for about 10 seconds, after that I got message "connection failed". The only way to rejoin the game was to completely close the game and the restart the game and join the multiplayer game. After doing so I could paly for 10 seconds and again "connection failed". We tried this hundred times, verfying files, messing up with firewall, restarting router, steam.. .etc. It really sucks when you buy a game and you can't play it for more than 10 seconds with you friend. Disappointed.

i have the same problem.Sometimes i can't even connect into the game it just keeps saying "connecting...".Please help if you know any solution!.


To be able to help a litlle bit more information are needed:
-Your hardware config(just in case)
-A ping /speed test for both of you post the result here
-Average ping when you are in game even it's a few second
-Are you able to join a game created by someone else beside your friend
-Do you ever have your antivirus asking you about making a rule for Mudrunner
-Do you have mod installed(how many, steam workshop or third party site)

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speedtest ping is 10ms
average ping when im in the game, it's very high 100+ but this is when im in games created by other people(public lobbies)
I can join games created by someone else,but not games created by my friend,or if i create the lobby then he cant join the game...
antivirus thing : NO
i've installed some mods when i've joined public lobbies and they're from workshop I think
ty for reply ))

Your friend is able to join other game without getting disconnected?

Well this is really weird use the following post step by step and post both file here, somebody might be able to see something 🙂

Maybe @Iyagovos or @Sodoma will come by and push things further too.

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@raphael Hi there,

Sodoma isn't a community manager, he's a member of the community that helps us moderate 🙂

What platform is everyone playing on, please?

Ah yes, I see the mention of Steam now.

@problemrunner are you able to play other games with that specific friend?

if your talking about other steam games,YES

Is your friend running any mods?

as i mentioned i've installed some mods when i've joined public lobbies and they're from workshop I think,same with my friend