I'm looking for those players that have downloaded and played a lot of Mudrunner Maps, Reason why is because I think those players will be able to answer this question, I was wondering in all the maps you have driven on this game has anyone come across a 'Crashed Plane' model? Thanks

the only map i remember that had a crashed plane was one from the original spintires. ill see if i can find the name of it. if that helps?

Don't recall seeing such a thing in a ST/MR map, but if you get desperate let me know and I can try to rig something up for ya.

@smaronenine, What kind of plane ya looking for?

Aircraft 3D Models download - Free3D

I'm not done re-installing everything yet but I got Max going, finally. I can't use 2014, tho, so I gotta use 2017 or 18, but atleast it's working now without errors. 🙂

Trying to find a Big Airliner crashed , Like This...

alt text

But a Crash/Wreckage Version...

alt text

There is a plane model on this map:
Idk if its of any use since it isin't a crashed one or if you get permission to use it.

@smaronenine, This is what else I found so far. Some good one's but some for a bunch of cash.

crashed jet airplane wreck 3d model

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@ShadowSINcere thanks man ill take a peek.
@Tattoo thanks for looking around I came across that same site as well, hoping to find something free of course first but we'll see how desperate I get lol, My new map sneak peek video I posted will explain the reasoning on finding a plane.

@smaronenine maybe you can find a "decent" full model and then edit it into a wrecked version? seems like a bit of work, but just an idea i am sure has crossed your mind. just mentioning it in case it didn't.

will be interesting to see what kind of map you use with this "crashed plane" i keep picturing a dense forest or jungle type scene lol

@8up-local You are pretty much spot on about the kind of map this will be 8, Very tight thick forestry trailing.
@Tattoo as far as the plane goes not sure what you were gonna try and do? , but this is what I had in mind to give you a better idea of what I'm looking for...

this is the exact plane I need on my beach in the map..

But I need that plane broken up like this plane...

@smaronenine, Ok, I need to find out more info cuz the model is actually a British Airlines model with Oceanic letters and symbol added very sloppily. They're not textures but 3d objects and they're hanging off the sides. lmao. I just gotta find out exactly how it looks and see if it's the right plane.

Do you know what kind of plane it is? I'll see what I can find.

alt text

@tattoo are you familiar with the old tv show 'Lost'? it's the actual airliner that crashed in episode 1 of the tv series not sure if its a real airliner I'm guessing it is, With a quick google search this is some images of the plane from the show.

@Tattoo i think it's a boeing 737 the one on LOST not the sketchup model lmao

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@tattoo after another google search this is what i found ,

'TV Show Lost. - Oceanic Airlines is a central plot element in the TV series, Lost. The show explores the aftermath of the crash of Oceanic Flight 815 (a Lockheed L-1011 was used to create the crash, but the plane in-universe is stated as a Boeing 777) traveling from Sydney to Los Angeles.'

@smaronenine Ok, thanks. Lemme see what I can find.

@tattoo Btw Tat I had no intention of nominating you to do this plane for me man lol, I can make use of what I can use within the game...I totally appreciate it ofcourse but I totally understand if its something you ain't got time for.

@smaronenine, Yeah, I know smar. I was just trying to find ya a decent plane to work with. Ain't no think thing man.

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After getting all my scripts, toolbars and keybinds set in Max 2017, I'm getting an error again when trying to Render the UV map for a tire track. It hasn't locked up again while working, atleast, but I have to start all over again to find out what is causing the problem. I'm guessing it's a script that's not compatible with the newer version of Max. Dang it, I thought I had it!! 😞 lol. shlitt happens...

I did find a good plane model to work with, tho. It's made well but not mapped very well so will need work there.

Here's some pics of what I found for ya.

Die Cast model of the Lost plane. What it should look like
alt text

This is the model I found that should work well.


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