Moments in the Mud

Kraz is still my favourite truck

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mine too
check THIS
Nice thread, cool pics

This lobby started off good with people finding waypoints, vehicles and a load of logs was even delivered. Then all of a sudden these guys wanted to start trolling. You know what? Hell with it. I'm sticking it to these guys, and come hell or high water I'm delivering a load of logs. I can wait them out, I have Youtube on my laptop. lol

Youtube Video

and that's why i only play in singleplayer mode

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and that's why i only play in singleplayer mode

Weird though there seems to be a shift in the community. Back when I completed the game a year or so ago I played online, and it was very rare to even find 1 guy like this, let alone a full lobby. Everybody wanted to play and complete maps.

Now it's like people either want to troll or every game ends with host quitting the session.

I don't get it, what happened to the online community? Where'd all the good players go?

well they only play in private lobbies,
or play other games

@zamal is this trailer available in the workshop?

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@Eversman i dont think so man, i manually downloaded it a while ago

@FirebonE lol I'm trying to get the max amount of fun ouuta this game it's quite hard on console