[3DS MAX] Collapsing Messes up some meshes


I'm not sure what causes this, but in 3ds max, collapsing (basically grouping) will mess up certain meshes that are collapsed. The only way I know how to fix this, is to Turbo Smooth the Model and then optimize it so it can stay under the 20k / mesh limit.

This is the rest of the mesh that was collapsed, its nothing too much.

Collapsing =/= grouping
Your modifier stack is kind of like an "undo" list, but each modifier is like a layer as well...
When you collapse the object in question, do you collapse to mesh, or collapse to modifier stack result?

If this happens convert the mesh to an editable patch then convert it back to editable poly. Should fix it. Not sure why this happens but it does from time to time.

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Good to know, this will be added to the guide
Thanks @Spun and @Mexican_420 for the info

It worked, thanks man!