Reflected damage is hurting your game

you didnt and unless your mr T calling me a fool was dissapointing hah

i get peoples gripes and frustration on both sides of the ff fence, the solution if any isnt going to be easy. perhaps the idea of a medic in the game and some kind of personal forgive/punish implementation? this would work well if a commander strike goes tits up the majority do understand and at least with forgiveness he can fight on. like on ins2 mods if your familiar with those?

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@b4ndo Lol nope not Mr.T just (as someone else on here put it once) a grumpy old man although I’m not that old lol. I just have been wanting Insurgency2014 on a new engine with some new visual effects and sounds etc... for sooo long. I thought that was what I was getting essentially. But I would have been completely ok with a straight up port of Insurgency source to new engine. I get upset and I can admit maybe too upset. What can I say? I have more fun coming on here and arguing with people than actually playing the game at this current time. But that won’t last forever! I can still hope...

@b4ndo Oh ya and not sure about the medic part but absolutely ok with the forgive/punish system. Have seen it in use many times and feel it works well.

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This game has so much to offer if people would just slow down. NWI if you are reading this GET RID OF THE SCOREBOARD!!! Its got people racing to objectives and ............that's it.....Its all about numbers to them!! Not the guns you spent so much time working on, or the amazing detail of the maps. They want to get to points to get "points" to pad their ego in a TEAM oriented game. << although the post has been deleted, I agree with it fully.

Scoreboard is a big incentive to completely set aside tactics for the sake of "performance". Also, if NWI decided to leave the scorecard, then at least rework the scoring system, cause many many times scores don't reflect personal achievements and team support AT ALL. Getting 3500 points for 89:0 and 12000 for 11:0 is looking kinda "flawed".... rofl.

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@kanneltaja72 there is a quote button next to our names that allows you to show other peoples posts as such and doesn't confuse people. Because for a moment I thought you were posting my reply from earlier. Scoring has no place in a true coop game. NWI pushes coop gameplay and tactics...going so far to say it's required to succeed. Then they throw points into their game on coop mode...the absurdity of this is likened to that of wearing a raincoat in the shower; it has no place here.

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I can't use commander when queuing in Sandstorm. I want to raise and add to my profile and level but using commander isn't an option as so many jerks stand in the chemical gas or fire or explosions or whatever on PURPOSE, laughing at me about it and causing me to die over and over and over and over (reflected damage) Trolls are loving it.....God, I hate trolls; I will never understand how a person can become so twisted and sick that they take gratification from others misery.
EDIT - I would like to touch on a topic to clarify before it comes up. I am calling the support used so they know what shelters to take cover in. Location and support type. So I do say masks on if needed, stay away from said location watch for rockets...I am doing my part for team safety. But some people think its funny to run into the targeted area and sit there.

Man. That's unfortunate... It's why I tend to play with serious friends unfortunately. Even then...

Please help!! I obviously can't report this as there really isn't any way for me to prove it I don't think..

I remember reading something on Steam Discussions relating to reporting in-game users and in Focus forum, but that doesn't seem to be the most effective answer to solving the issue because there are many people and we cant grab everyone

so what do I do? Do I give up on this cool feature.....are you going to allow us to queue with or without commanders and observers? 1) queue for original gameplay and another for Sandstorm gameplay? Maybe more of the trolls will leave us alone....and those that continue this in the queue meant for calling support they can get banned or temp banned or whatever you have planned.

Those are pretty good questions .
I wonder how diff gamemodes affect the community and if it all works.. then again someone suggested an idea for removal of observer if player doesn't do their part

Ideally, coop score should reward good coop gameplay.

Things like assists, killing bots shooting at teammates, and a bonus for players working as a team would go a long way to fix the running ahead.

The problem is that the game rewards running ahead and solo capping, but off map support takes a very long time to appear, so we now have a situation where a commander can't effectively use support due to other problems in the game design.

If it was like Insurgency 2014 and had no commander, then this wouldn't be as bad, but the combination of rewarding rushing and slow, inaccurate support options make the experience of being a commander in a public server hot garbage.