SpinTiresMod How To Install and Discussion

Thanks @Gabe for linking to that site. Its the only one I've found v1.6.7 on too... Hope spinitres.nl updates that.

@Digital-X, you say in your signature you are a new writer of spintires.nl? Could you upload the folder?

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@PiX3LMonkey @joridiculous
I‘m not using Mudrunner Plus. It’s also not working on my PC.

I do it the old way - JSGM Mod Enabler.

I think this was clear that Mudrunner Plus will not work after Update/DLC.

Wait for an update of the author.

@alpscruiser Weird thing is - The mod is working for at least 5 people that I know of. Not sure what's causing problems for some but not others. Thanks tho, I was thinking of trying JSGME again. If it's working for you that's good news

@gumbootgambler That is real wierd. I want it back also, will crush the Vally with the DT-30 😉

@alpscruiser I couldn't get JSGME to work in MP with custom map and objects... gives me thee ol' game files differ problemo interested to hear if anyone has had any luck with this. I hope that mod 1.6.8 comes soon 😤

@joridiculous Yeah as far as I can tell it only installs the d3d9.dll file. I have a hunch that the problem lies within that file as the mod needs it. It's a direct X file btw.

Question: do you have any other files in there with d3d9.dll ? d3d9.dll 43 or d3d9.dll 44 ? I personally just have d3d9.dll but I know two other people that have d3d9.dll 43 or d3d9.dll 44 in there and the mod is working for them.

d3d9.dll d3dx9_43 is all you need

@shuffy Does your mod work? I only have d3d9.dll not d3d9.dll 43

@shuffy I think were onto something. So far everyone's mod that's working has that d3dx9_43. People that don't have it working just have d3d9.dll I really don't know the difference between those files other than they're direct x and the mod piggybacks in on it.

@gumbootgambler d3dx9_43 is nothing to do with mod thats the 4gb patch mate

@joridiculous there is if you have the patch .. ahh i give up its like talking to a brick wall on here sometimes

@shuffy Ok, keep that in mind. Just seeing trends between working mods and non working mods.

I have both d3d9.dll and d3dx9_43.dll and no issues with mod at all.