Mods for PS4 ¿?

I’m dumb probably but are they coming? It’s getting boring without them

We currently have no plans to support modding in the console version of Spintires: MudRunner.

Thank you for this clarification, which has already been treated many times. It would be much more interresting that you can answer multiple questions asked in other posts! Thank you

@niccan69 What questions would you like answered? I do my best to answer as many questions as I can, but it's possible I've missed some.

niccan69 14 Jul 2018, 03:13 reply quote
I played for years at Spintires with a Thrusmaster T150 steering wheel, without any problems. I bought, a few weeks ago, a Thrusmaster T 300 RS, and as with my T 150, on MudRunner, my driver does not turn his arms when the steering wheel turns. All my friends who have a Thrusmaster steering wheel, have the same problem !!!! While with a G 27 everything works normally !!! I hope the DEVS will make sure to solve this problem !!!! Thank you in advance .

@iyagovos wish I would have read this before I bought the game on xbox yesterday, read on another post/page it was possible once the game once all bugs were worked out

@niccan69 Hey Niccan,

Finally getting back to this, though I believe we answered the question in another place - we're aware of this issue, but at this time, I believe the team are more focused on the MudRunner USA expansion.