Magic or Psychic powers

Magic is and was a thing in TT Mordheim and in the videogame, where we have dedicated spellcasters that make quite a difference in the battlefield with their spells.

But in Necromunda we don't have gangers dedicated to be psykers. Instead, if i remember correctly, there were certain events and items that could affect a ganger and after the battle you would have to roll, and it was successful, the ganger would get a random psychic power.

How will this be treated in Necromunda if we get gangers with pychic powers?

Well in the lore Necromunda is supposed to be a place where the Psyker gene is unusually prevalent. Wyrds were the psyker class but they were more like mercenaries than gangers, having to pay them each fight.

Though if I recall correctly they came with the additional risk of the gang being Outlawed for using one due to them being unsanctioned.

As for if there should be Psyker gangers, I mean logically that should happen. It would depend on how Skills work. Perhaps some potential recruits could have Psyker as a starting skill and they have to start off with that skill.

Otherwise basically just Wyrds.

I would really like them to take the Xcom route with Psykers here by making random gangers suddenly gain psychic powers after a battle or a certaing event. You might get them quite quickly or you might not get some at all

Like for example, a ganger that uses Flects during a battle has a small chance of gaining psychic powers after battle. I think it would make the game more interesting since Psykers would be extremely valuable

Yeah I was also thinking of some sort of "Latent Psyker" thing.

Maybe a sort of secret skill. The game knows they're a Latent Psyker but you don't, and certain conditions cause a random chance of it manifesting into active pysker powers. Raising levels, getting a kill, or a near death experience could all be things your Ganger does that triggers a secret "roll" that decided if the latent abilities activate.

That is actually a good way to implement psykers. to have them basically appear out of nowhere. And i like it. Still, i would like to have the Flects effect to be implemented, because it's high risk high reward.

Now i read the rules again and the Flects can give you wyrd powers, give you minor mutations or drive insane your ganger, but the rewards are actually really good, from temporary buffs to permanent stat gains.

I wouldn't like it to be something incredibly broken, but have some item or events that would slightly increase the chance that you get a psyker after battle.

I know those were in Ravenor but are they tied to Necromunda? I guess regardless they're a good fit.

Well if that's a thing in the rules then anyone who uses one can have a chance to become a psyker(and of course other, less desirable outcomes) and just give a latent pysker a bigger chance. Like say, normal Ganger has a 1-5% chance while a Latent Psyker has more like 50%.

@glarghface I'd rather they stick closer to the TT. This would change the gang balance way too much.

Besides mercs stayed around as long as you had the money to pay them. So there isn't really a reason have actual gang members be psychic when you could just keep paying the Psyker just like you pay your Gang (Warband in Mord). There is no reason to over complicate it.

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As much as making Psykers mercs would make things much simpler, i would still like that they kept the chance that gangers gain wyrd powers, even if it's minor stuff that would give them small advantages, because those were a thing.

But, like we said here, a very small chance that happens after using certain items or certain events.

I purchased the new Codex and found something relating to this. The psychic generating drug is called spook, a little can make someone develop psyker powers and a lot may permanently change them, or see their soul consumed by the warp.

It's supposed to be secretely popular with the Delaque for its utility for spying.

Yeah, i've been reading the rules and the lore already explains that Spook is used to get psy powers. In old Necromunda Spook gave minor wyrd powers for 1 fight (such as premonition). Will they change it so people who take spook will have a chance of becoming psykers?

As well, i need to read more and see if they keep the Peril of the warp rules like in old Necromunda, where one of your gangers could become posessed by a demon or become insane and being put out of his misery by his friends