Cut trees, sale them and buy new truck ( economic system)

Hello, first of all, I'd like to share my happiness to see the come back of spintires.
I suggest an idea where i would like see the game evolve.
The possibility of cutting the trees on an evolutionary map, where trees grow back after been cut.
The logs that we cut can be sailed to a sawmill, and with the money we can buy more stuff (trucks, trailers)
In fact the game I dream can be summarized like that:
Farming simulator, but with the physic and gameplay of spintires.
Is this in your plan, for mud runner, or for a future game?

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Look, I know for shure, that they are not going to implement this kind of enviroment with this graphic engine but, shure thing I will be happy if they make some ¨carreer mode¨ or ¨story mode¨ to the game where you have to earn mony in order to buy trucks and accesories or even build garages. Also, new content, like transporting rocks or earth to a construction plant from a mine or a pit would make the game so much rich.

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Like in Farming sim? It looks great.