Game spec requirements

So when are we going to get the requirement specs on Mud Runner? seems this should already been figured out by now since release is supposedly getting near.

I'd expect it to be near the same, honestly, we aren't getting a new game, we're just getting a few adjustments. I wouldn't expect a lot to be different.

true rough, but still people should know what the specs are and with higher graphics and such i can only figure it will be a bit higher than the original game.

question is, how much though?

If it runs like the old one, specs only sort of matter. If you're on the lower end, your truck will just magically float over mud that buries other trucks. 😉 It was night and day from my laptop to my custom built gaming desktop. Spots that I could go through at top speeds with no effort suddenly bogged me to a standstill with the same exact truck and load.

yah, i figure my pc is middle ground. the original runs fine for me, except i do have to turn a few things off for better frames. like motion blur and anostropic filter, which gives the biggest frame drop for me, but once people started making custom object for maps it can drop a fair bit more. which is why i really would like to know the actual spec requirements. i would hate to get the game and find out i am now just under the specs. after all the original game was first made to be ran on even the simplest pc's, which was one of the main points of the original in the beginning.

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These frame drops and freezers caused by custom objects on maps only happens the first time you "hit" those objects. As soon as every new textures are cached, the game runs smooth again 😉

right Schlamm, once loaded not so bad as long as the number of object is kept down. even a few normal mod maps (no custom objects) have lagged me a bit only because of how much stuff was added to one little area.

still though, the point is they really need to get on top of giving us spec requirements. i know some people that are only waiting to see what the requirements are before they will buy and those people as well as me would hate to see them lose out at getting a better deal only because they are unsure if they will be able to run it. true it may basicly be the same game, but is it really since it will be a step up from the original? if they can enhance and upgrade from the original it only makes sense to me that it will take a bit more to run it. it might not be much, but if someone is already on the edge of their PC specs.....

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