Hi all!

So, loved Necromunda when I was 'younger', we played a regular campaign before we all drifted off to college/university. Delaque was my gang of choice (still have the original models) but did love the theme of the Cawdor and Redemptionists.

Looking forward to seeing how this goes, probably not so much the multi player aspect of this but a dream is a perpetual story/campaign mode.

Wahoo! I never played the tabletop growing up, but I've played a LOT of Mordheim. Having partaken in the PC and also mobile ports of Mordheim, I'm really excited to be able to try out Necromunda.

You bring your buddies, and I'll bring my DAKKA.


I played a bit of Necromunda back when it was first released (played Goliaths, then later Skavvies, in-story the same people as my Goliaths who got corrupted...), then everyone seemed to drift off to either 40K or whatever. Played some Gorkamorka (very similar to Necro in many respects, but I'm sure y'all know that), and yeah basically just an old-school GW guy.

No miniature gaming these days, except what's available digitally, so looking very much forward to Necromunda: Underhive Wars. Played a lot of the recent Mordheim game, here's to hoping this will fare better (Mordheim was abandoned before it had time to reach its potential IMO).

Howdy all.

Loved Necro back in the day, but whilst still having a couple of boxed sets and gangs (Escher, Spyrers, Van Saar), don't get any gametime these days.

Necromunda was the best games system that GW released, by a large margin, so here's hoping that this truly does the tabletop version justice.

Necromunda is one of a handful of tabletop games I still play today (necromunda, mordheim, infinity). I can not wait to see the results of this venture!

I am so hyped about this game! Might start streaming when the game launches!

I too played this table top game, and still have a huge Necromunda collection. This is THE BEST game that games workshop ever produced. I've been waiting for this since the 90's... I hope this is done right and brings justice to the great table top game this is.

Howdy All,
Massively excited for this. Have enjoyed the Mordenheim port, was expecting and elated to see Necromunda brought to life. I was a long time supporter of this game in our area and had maintained a campaign up until three years ago.

Now that this game is coming to PC I am hopeful we will get to see it in its full glory with single player campaign and hopefully multiplayer campaigns. I look forward to seeing some of you across the Underhive.

I must be the lucky one then (or the sad one)... Still making terrain and knocking up gangs now, we never stopped 🙂

This game cannot really fail to be awesome, I'm so hyped...