Your favorite gang?

Delaque for me... they had that sneaky, infiltrator vibe with a style between Dark City and matrix.... loved gunslinger as well πŸ‘

Secretly jealous of cawdor’s ferocity though

I thought their novel Fleshworks was the best of the Necromunda collection. The spy games Delaque vibe worked really well for me, it had the best pacing and writing. They left it open for a continuation but sadly it doesn't seem they're going to.

Escher and Spyrers were hands-down my favourite.

Escher always ended up being tooled up with close-combat monsters with a Gatling Cannon (heavy stubber with 3 sustained fire dice, from Fanatic rules) and a Heavy Plasma Gun.

Spyrers were always 2 x Malcadons, an Orrus, a Yeld and a Jakara. If they all managed to survive 3-4 games, they were well on their way to becoming horrifically difficult to deal with πŸ™‚

In fact, I adore the Spyrers so much, that I bought the original piece of Malcadon artwork from Mark Gibbons a few weeks ago πŸ™‚

Absolutely worth the pricetag!

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The new models are sick aren't they?
Really like the new Delaque aswell,slightly disappointed with the posing right enough.


Fantastic,how much did that skin you?

Actually have that and some other spyers sitting waiting to be stripped, not got to them yet.

It set me back the bones of a grand with customs. It certainly stung, but it is an original, not a print πŸ™‚

Beautiful print my friend! Remember seeing that artwork in one of the books or WD or something. Can't remember now as it's soo long ago.

Shame about the price,that's a sore one.

Bet you are looking forward to the new Spyers then! Or maybe dread lol, wasnt happy with the Cawdor myself, my old gang.

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It is a stunning piece of work. If you catch the light on it right, you can see all the pencil work to mark out the details. Honestly, how Mark Gibbons does such detailed drawings with just pencil and ink is just beyond me.

Also, yes. I am massively eager for Spyrers to get their new models. I'm genuinely impressed with everything they have done with the new models. The level of detail is incredible. I've bought everything for the re-released TT version so far except for Cawdor, but I'll bundle them with Delaque when they are released.

I can only imagine, I've never seen an original up-close. The printed copies are stunning, the original must be something else. Was it an E-bay effort?

Same boat myself, loving the new content.
I've got the Van Saar in painting just now. Got gang models and a MDF near full replica of the original Necro box scenery/ scatter terrain material backing up. It will be doomsday the time I get to them with other painting on lol.

Really looking forward to new Ratskins and spyers, never got into them first time around. Thinking about going conversion heavy on them. Models may be that nice I wont want to, is the case with these finecasts.

What are you working on yourself?

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Nah, I went direct to Mark Gibbons himself πŸ™‚

I'm going to wait until Delaque are released, then I'm going to have to start on them all.

Too much of a back catalogue of stuff to do at the moment...
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Escher and Spyrers were my favourites in the original TT. The Escher HPG was always one of my favourite models.

Hah, not bad. Was he trying to unload other prints?

Quite the backlog of marines, cringing at the pin washing myself lol. What chapter you going for?

Really liked the old escher aswell, think the juve with the pick was my fav, made me think of Lori Petty as tank girl. My fav of the old stuff was the hive scum with the two bolt pistols or maybe the Cawdor with the grenade launcher.

Wait till you get into the new Necro kits, the Escher i thought were a complex build.. till I opened Van Saar, felt I had to go sub assembly om them.