Your favorite gang?

Self explanatory, who's your favorite Necromunda gang and why?

I always liked House Goliath, they are simply so unapologetically brutal in their... everything. They are not the easiest gang to play though, their skill selection being somewhat... lacking... at times. The gang never did all that well, possibly because - in the interest of cool - I had armed most of them with shotguns.

My most successful gang was probably the Skavvies though, but then that was in an Outlander-only campaign, it might've gone much worse if they had been up against House gangs. I did once have a Scalie tear two Spyrers limb-from-limb in close-combat, after which I of course had to paint him green and name him Hulk.

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I was always a Van Saar man myself. I'm sure there was a reason, but as I haven't played for about 18 years I can't remember why...

For me it was definitely Van Saar. I think they had the strongest overall skills, tech was op and they have shooting which is great as I like to focus on ranged play.

Yes, Van Saar was always the cheesiest gang. Still, the randomness of the skill-system meant it wasn't that big of a deal most times - it was simply too unpredictable to properly exploit (and anyone who became too big for his shoes could be sure to have "Target No. 1" painted on all his guys if he got there by cheesing).

House Escher loved to charge a few with melee weapons...with a heavy and a few gangers covering plus they looked bad ass !!

I don't know which is really my favorite, but I liked how in the novels the Orlocks were kinda the "vanilla" gang, yet they weren't boring. They were always supporting characters, yet each actually had interesting personality ranging from a brutal rival to a reliable ally. They could have used more fleshing out narratively cause they came off as the most realistic to me and pulled off how different individual gangs and gangers ran a range of morally grey.

I liked the Orlocks, and had a whole painted gang to go with many years ago! I can't wait to see how this turns out (crossing fingers, toes, other body parts, etc.).

Delaque were my favourite, they always had that slick look and sneaky likes the slithering snakes in the sump!

I just always thought they looked like they were cast out of something from Phillip K Dick
long trench coats etc.

Something I really liked about them they just looked cool.

I'll need to go get my gang out and re paint them for this !

The Delaque looked like a gang of child molesters 😂

@Mekelan hahahah they look nothing like the clergy of the roman catholic church

@sapien82 touche, but it's not like priests have a monopoly on deviant behavior 😉

I'd like to believe that in the far flung future of Warhammer 40K , humans have eradicated base desires and lubudinous acts such as child abuse.
The fact they have mastered the human genome , would therefore indicate mastery over many of the problems we face in the 21st century, hopefully pedophilia is among them.

In any case if think there would be far greater crimes in the Hive itself than child molestation
such as treason against the emperor

@sapien82 yeah I don't really think the whole utopian society has been achieved in the Underhive, quite the opposite frankly, but I vote that we leave the child molestation line of inquiry now, it's not really a joking matter in a public setting (I apologize for my bad taste in bringing it up initially, I'm too used to an adults-only gaming scene).

While it might be possible to say that mastery of the human genome has been achieved, it'd probably be more accurate to say that it had (nearly) been achieved by the Emperor and his scientists in the 30th millennium, but the knowledge has since been lost or corrupted (the Imperium is a regressive society struggling to survive in a universe where everything wants to kill you). The Astartes seems to have been mostly created without physical desires, though Slaaneesh is apparently able to break that conditioning, but it's Chaos, they break all the rules. Getting real off topic again though.

You do up your Delaque dandies in their flowing robes, and my steroid-chomping Goliaths will meet them any time, any where for some good clean family entertainment, ie death and destruction 💥

Agreed , its not the first thought to mind when I think of the warhammer 40K universe.

Yeh Im looking forward to some skirmishes

you wont see the snakes coming friend 🙂

Not to delve to deeply into certain unfortunate topics, but... in the grim darkness of the far future they most certainly have not eliminated the evils that humans can commit on eachother, especially in the Spire. Down in the Underhive I'd like to think those types are tossed into the Sump Lake when they're caught. Which I do think would be likely.

Anyways, I thought the Delaque novel was one of the better Necromunda novels, a mix of Repo Men and a spy thriller.

Back in the 90s mt fave was Delaque

Cawdor was my mine. I was the bugger with the massive unstoppable gang.
Shame about the new models right enough, really dont like them.
I have/ I am working on the new gangs just now. Van Saar have to be my new fav.