How to make some good trails?

Hey there!

I was wondering if someone oculd tell me how to make some good trails to get up a mountain. i am kinda figureing it out. But maybe someone here could help me with a tutorial or anything like that.

Thanks in advance
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If you have you mountain already, switch to the materials, as if you're going to paint on a single trail. Have it around 30 to 40 on the slider.

Don't make it a straight line, wiggle it a bit as you go so it looks natural, and try and go over, bumps, uneven terrain etc.

Good distributions to use when you paint with them:

Small Rocks: set to about 55/60 on the slider with a small brush size and dab them around.
Twigs: Set to around 55 on the slider and dab them on the trail and to the sides.
Bushes, and Small Trees/Small Trees Dry can go on the edges at around 60 on the slider.

Note: On the slider is Density, not scale.

I'll show you an example.

alt text

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