Tint problem

Hi guys! I work on Mudrunner maps and meet a problem with tint.
I use two materials:

I have places that materials contact with each other, I use grass for that places of course. But if I want tint this places I get problem.

Tint on grass-to-dirt material make grass darker, but tint on forest-to-grass material make grass lighter, so I has very ugly border line 😞

What I should change for my map that get darker grass on forest material? I check all xml files but don't find anything about tint, I check textures, but don't understand what I need to change for result.

PS Yep I know that I can just don't use tint on borders or use for example automatic mud to hide that places, but I do not want do this. I want to get smooth border line between materials with a tint.

Thanks for any help!

@zurisar try with grass to forest and see if that will smooth things out

Thanks, I'll try it today.