Will there be a Linux version?


I'm already enjoying Insurgency on Ubuntu Linux, and I would love to know if there'll be a Sandstorm Linux version as well on steam, I don't mind a delayed release, and if there'll be one I shall pre-order from now and benefit from the %20 discount.

I had compiled and played with UE4 on Linux too, so I believe it won't take a lot of effort like the old times of a Linux port from scratch; I'm holding my hope high, and I shall be looking for an answer from the Mods or someone who's more knowledgeable about the issue.

My hands are itching to pre-order already, so any help is appreciated 🙂

This question has been answered before but on their recent Livestream they confirmed Linux support although it will come after initial release of the game. No time table was mentioned however.

Fantastic then! Pre-ordering now!

I would love to watch the Live-stream if there's a recorded version. Meanwhile, pre-ordering, the graphics were amazing, the game-play was smooth and top-notch, me being a native Arab, the Arabic were astoundingly accurate with a true local accent, though the cussing was too harsh, I hope there'll be a less or more lenient words, LOL.

I very much loved how realistic it looks and how it allowed in this version to blow up doors and get in, return a thrown grenade while the timer keeps an accurate record for how long it was detonated, the speed magazines' re-loading a la Spetsnaz style.

Again, thanks for the confirmation, and looking forward to try the Alpha if I'm chosen.

Pre-ordered now, and I hope the developers pay attention that Linux users pay too, and we'd be happy to stick to companies providing native support to their games.


Yeah, the feeds can be found on YouTube. Here's is the last one from a couple of days ago:

Youtube Video

I subscribe to their Twitter feed so I usually get notified a day or so before they air. I couldn't remember where in that linked video the question came up about Linux (sorry) but the answer was rather brief from what I recall. If you've seen one or two of these Q&As, the questions begin to become really familiar as do the answers.

It's my understanding that there are quite a few Linux users who play the current Insurgency and I'm sure NWI wouldn't leave them out in the cold with Sandstorm. It's just that it seems it won't be there at launch. .....and how long after is also not known.

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Seems like I got something to watch now, I didn't know the Alpha gameplay will be allowed to be shared on YT, otherwise good stuff.

Thanks for sharing, and I hope I'll find out where they speak about Linux, and yeah, I don't mind a later date, just I hope not a year of a gap between the platforms.

Hey Lionheart,

I thought I would follow up again with you....

Linux was addressed again in today's livestream. I fast forwarded to around the 46:30 minute mark in the link below. The question is about Mac requirements but he gets into the fact that they plan to support both Linux and Mac (hopefully shortly after launch).

Youtube Video – [46:45..]