new to insurgency

Hey guys, new to insurgency, I bought the original a few months back and I'm excited for sandstorm. What is the best game modes to play to get the feel for the game? Is there a break down somewhere of what each game mode is? Any information is greatly appreciated.

I would do co op against bots first to get a feel for the guns. No crosshair, reload management, etc.

Then go for sustained combat modes in MP. Push, occupy, skirmish.

Firefight is the hardest, no respawns.

@spritus_sancti Firefight has respawn lol. If you want a game mode without respawn, then play Ambush, a mode unlike any other.

Yeah I should have clarified respawn only when an obj is captured

Also to note, many gamemodes are only optimal for certain amount of players: for instance, push is very optimised for 16 - 32 players, whereas firefight is more so for smaller amount. But I think in Sandstorm firefight is more limiting on player count, so it's more for push you need to worry about.