Final Boss Battle Bug with new update installed.

So recently updated the game and in the middle of the boss battle I got a game breaking bug. It shut the game down. My xbox made a gross noise as the game froze. I have to say I've never experienced this ever with a game. Not even Andromeda or AC Unity and both games are known for their terrible bugs. I am really disappointed. I enjoyed what I could but I hope you guys are aware of this because I was in the middle of the final boss and close to finishing. I beat Harriet Jones and was on my way with the Red Queen. When the game rebooted, I had to fight Jones again. Not cool!!!!!!

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@tokio Hey there,

My apologies for not getting back to you immediately, I'm looking into this now.

What type of Xbox are you playing on, please? Classic, S or X? Do you encounter the issue every time you tried the fight?