Preorder and previous owner?

I see where if you are a previous owner of the original game you get 50% off and if you preorder you get 10% off on steam. so why am I only getting 55% off when i preordered the game? where has this other 5% gone?

this is copy and pasted from the steam store page for Mud Runner, "/!\ Spintires owners get a 50% off loyalty discount on top of the preorder offer /!"

50% loyalty discount ON TOP OF THE PREORDER, which is 10% and would make it 60% off not 55% off.

i hope we are not stepping off on the wrong foot with this game again or would someone care to explain this mistake?

@Iyagovos said in Can you get the game for free if you own the orginal spintires?:

Hi there,

If you own the original Spintires on Steam, you'll be able to buy Spintires: MudRunner for 55% off.

This is due to a 50% loyalty discount for people that own the Original Spintires, and a 10% discount for pre-ordering. As Steam uses multiplicative percentages, this adds up to a 55% discount in total.

Thank you for posting this, @Sodoma!

Yes, Steam uses multiplicative percentages, so our 50% discount, on top of the 10% pre-order discount, turns into 55%, instead of 60% as we had originally thought.

well, it does make sense, but the way you have it worded can be a bit confusing i think.