Will killfeed be active or hidden in default?

I'm a pvp player from China and I've been played Insurgency for over 2000 hours,most of the time,I played the push mode and this mode is quite dominating in the server while the others are seldom played unless there're quite a few new players to vote for them.What's special about the mode is that intensity of the battlefield and the explosives which never stop due to the fast respawn wave.Because of that,a team(let me set the attackers for example)must pass and destroy its enemies defense as fast and they can,and make its attempt to conquer the objective before the next wave of enemies arrive,so time is the essence. In order to achieve the victory, experienced players (I mean those who want to win,not some stupid campers) use explosives or stab the enemies from their back to clear the path,and some pros who are accustomed to the map and the other players regular positions use pre-fire and their FPS skill to get direct frags,that's where the 'cod-like' comes from. It's quite a sense of achievement when you make great progress in the game and carry your team to the objective,commended by your teammates,so most of our Chinese PVP servers turn the killfeed on.
What's also worth mentioning is that it's easier to find a camper with killfeed ON by checking his name and weapon,so it can make the team slightly more active,which is good for the team,especially for those new players,to avoid them lying in a bunch of grass and snipe for all day,which is unlikely to lead the team to victory.(For example,a 11K/2D sniper is far less useful than a 14K/12D rifleman at least in push mode.)

Well,I believe that NWI might want to produce the game of their own style(realistic&cooperative),but in PVP mode,you have more than one life,instead of the only one you have on the real battlefield,so sacrificing yourself for your team is really OK.Even in competitive matches,there could be one-life-only mode in which players take theirs steps carefully and the regular push mode which is fast-paced and exciting.I really hope that NWI won't give up the fast-paced part and the game be filled with more experienced FPS lovers.🐲

Insurgency doesn't have a killfeed unless it's custom and installed by a admin afaik iirc, if there is one for sandstorm i hope it's either admin controlled or a element of the hud players can hide, I enjoy being immersed in the combat with no hud elements and having to use comms for info that i can't piece together myself by the deafening sounds of AK and RPK fire followed by the crack from a rpg7's shockwave.

Even back in Ins:mc if you kept getting sent back to spawn or couldn't progress you knew it was because a player or group of players were holding certain areas like with almaden you had to clear the mosque of lmgs and m14's from the balconeys outside, and on sinjar you could not hope to hold or advance onto bravo or the hill if you did not cover the pillboxes as even one dragunov would keep both squads down.

Once you know the maps it's not difficult to pin point the location of a camping carl, especially currently on Insurgency, plus if you spawn in and just listen to the gunfire if you have a semi-decent headset you can pinpoint a campers location especially if they're using a high velocity rifle like the moisin or m14, all you need to do is scan around and look for muzzle flash, i've done my fair bit of camping or more like running aboot keeping the objectives clear and keeping enemy tangos in the confines of their spawn zone because i'm a beast when it comes to limited spawn tickets and multiple objectives.


I do admit that a few snipers are necessary in the team to prevent enemies from pushing to advanced points,while there're always too many campers in the game,which leads the new players to think ,'OK that sniper seems kill quite a lot,maybe I can lie down beside him and get some ez kills'.Even some experienced player for over 1000 hours,they hide in a pathetic small corner and shoot the enmies with suppressor and never move a bit,even they missed one and that guy went in to take the objective.

And there's another thing I'd like to talk about,death. An early death is quite useful for your team in many situations.For example,as the attacker in push mode,the first 4 deaths of the team activate the countdown of spawn wave(which is 20s), if most of the players can try to exchange their lives for the enemies and boost the spawn speed,it means the team can have more chances to oppress the defenders in number and take the objective easily.In push mode,there's no point saving your life especially for new players,who can learn more and be useful in the process of death for the simple reason that you can seldom defeat the defenders by exhausting their spawn wave (which is also 15 waves and takes 35s to spawn).

BTW, we Chinese player hate Sinjar a lot and maybe we are not talking about the same map :D(Sinjar's almost the most unbalanced map of Insurgency2)