Multiplayer improvement suggestions

First of all hello,
Im playing mudrunner for quite some time now and i thought i name some improvements for the multiplayer (btw im a console player so its more focused on the consoles)

  1. Communication
    Some of us dont want to play with a headset so we have to face the lack of communication.
    A simple communication wheel or even a chat would make things easier. I once had no fuel and had no chance to tell the others (i was so close to deliver some wood) i had to force myself to use a headset... thank god that this community is so friendly! Someone pushed my D535 almost 500 meters.

  2. "Roles"
    Some of us explore the map, some carry wood others get fuel. A nice addition would be a little role system (combined with the communication idea it would help out alot). Being able to ask "I need Fuel", "Im out of fuel", "my truck is broken" or "I need help i flipped over" would be very usefull. Once a guy got flipped around and tried to call us by using the horn. After noticing him i of course flipped him back on his wheels. He waited like 5 minutes, he also lost his load in that accident.

  3. Vehicle selection
    Since the host chooses the trucks it would be nice to choose some yourself as well.

  4. Free room
    Being able to just off road without carring wood would be nice as well and some maps with normal roads would be fun too. Combined with a bigger lobby and faster vehicles like pickups we will all have more fun!

Just a few things which could improve the mudrunner expirience ^^

You can select your own trucks on the map setup screen. I play multiplayer quite often with my partner and we have different trucks when we load in.

If you don't want to use a headset to communicate then use messages. No need for a chat wheel with limited options.

  1. I like the idea of "comm. wheel". There is strong language barrier in-game or typing will stall truck in difficult trail, so quick chat/voice menu would be great help at quickly delivering message.

  2. Already implemented, but limited: you can choose whatever you want, but host is decide what mods will be used and even host is limited by 8 mods total. If anyone is alowed to use whatever they want - either you will deal with truckload of mods, that'll certainly cripple game's performance or just enjoy watching player's "ghost truck" without proper interaction.

  3. Metric tonnes of that content is present at game's Steam workshop (PC), both maps and "pickups".

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I'll pass these suggestions along to the dev team, thank you very much!