not connected

Hi whenever i launch Battlefleet gothic I cannot connect to servers I am at a total loss I have tried manually allowing the game through the firewall totally turning off the firewall and my antivirus I have uninstalled the game and cleared the steam download cache I am connected to the same modem as my flatmate via ethernet cable and he connects just fine I even logged into my steam on his computer launched the game and still not connected please help I have read through so many posts on other forums and just nothing works it makes no sense to me thank you in advance for any help

So given the complete lack of response I am guessing there is no fix and/or no one is reading the technical forums given that I will no longer be buying the second game which is a shame as other than this problem I do think it is a good product I will also be moving to refund my copy of the game and will be cautioning any of my friends who intend on purchasing the new game