2 achievements don't unlock for me on XBOX ONE

Both "Keep your distance" and "Unlife is strange" won't unlock for me.
I've fetched all 11 ranged weapons (got a 12th one, which is the preorder gun) and the plant in Ried's room grew, which Jonathan commented accordingly.
For me these 2 are the only achievements left and it bugs me, that they don't unlock.
It's also 4 days ago that I met the requirements, so it's very unlikely that it's sort of a XBOX live problem.

Please look into this and patch it. There seem to be other people who have problems with several achievements not unlocking too

I'm having issues with the Unlife is strange achievement. I found the water, fed it to the plant in the office. The plant didn't grow, and I have no achievement. And now I can't interact with the plant.

Please fix this.

Hi both,

You need to water the plant three times, did you do this? You have to do it over different days.

That's incorrect. You have to fed the plant once, then wait three or four nights (sleeping, spending points). After that the plant is grown (which you can tell by it's look) and when you inspect it Jonathan says something like "It lives again."
That's the point, when the achievement should unlock, which it didn't in my case.

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@lyzarr You're correct, my apologies.

You can confirm that Jonathan says the line in your game? Were you online when you did this?