Wrong Target Quest Bug

I have a probelm with the "Wrong Target" quest.
After speaking with Thelma, the quest sends you to a house near the hospital, where you have to kill two guards and take a note from a table in that room. I took that note, and shortly after that exited the game. Upon restarting the game the next day, I still have that note in my inventory, but the quest marker still sends me to that house and points to the table where the note ist supposed to be. Of course it isn´t there anymore. Whatever I tried to do, I can´t get the quest to update and give me a new objective.
Has anyone else experienced that problem?

I haven't had this problem, make sure you read the note, and then find the guard's local headquarters, should be about 3 guards and you can get a really good stake, you need to get the letter from there. then go talk to Thelma.

@stormrider have you been able to resolve this?

@pndr unfortunately not. I haven´t found a way to get around this problem yet.

Hey @Stormrider,

Did you try the steps @pndr suggested?

@iyagovos I have, but maybe I missed something. I´ll try once more today or tomorrow.

So, I´ve tried the suggested steps once again, but without success. I´ve also watched a couple of "walkthrough" videos for the quest and did exactly the same stuff as in those videos, but this didn´t work either. The quest still doesn´t update and I can´t get to where I would normally be supposed to go, because the gate I must pass to reach this quest´s next location remains locked.