SpintiresMod 1.7.5 and 1.7.6

@joridiculous thank you a lot that my favorite update of this tool because now we can play with the zoom of the camera i like that

whats the difference between the two and also is it the same setup like what we get from a slice of pizza.

@dan4762 When i launch thru the spintires mod it just says loading twice and it loads forever. Whats wrong?

@08_jk_ 1.7.5 is bug correction for 1.7.4
1.7.6 now you can zoom out far away

Don't know if it's new in this release or older ones, but I have the option for a 4086x4096 size map, how ever it's always out of memory, even trying 2k is. I've ran the original exe, the 4gbpatched exe and patched it myself, still no dice? What am I doing wrong?

@digital-x exactly what you say you are (trying to) doing is what you are doing wrong.

Come again?

OK to simplify, how do I make a map 2k x 2k or higher size?

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@digital-x you dont. 64x64 is max for game

What you want from 32bit editor, we need 64bit... It's simple math - not patched editor can handle 64x64, patched can 64x64*2.

@blasc Yes, but game cant handle anything (bugfree) above 64x64, regardless you use the mod or not.
Its a engine limitation.
(yes you can use larger map, i have made one 80x80 and it runs. 1/4 is in constant shadow(at the 64 X or Y limit),and i doubt it will run at all without patch.)