Game Stopping Bug - Chapter 5 Entering Dawson Mansion (PS4)

I've been told to join this Forum in the case I wish to report a bug.

I have the PS4 version of Vampyr, and for the most part everything has been running smoothly.
Until I have reached Chapter 5 when the player needs to meet Aloysius Dawson in his mansion, after conversing with the residents of the West End and after traversing through the sewers to make it past the stockade entering the Temple Gardens.

The mansion gates are permanently locked, there is no quest marker on them, but rather the quest marker shows I must return to the entrance to the sewers for no reason. No other quests are active, I am not tracking any other civilian quests either. Therefore, I can not continue the story or do much else either, with the quest stuck and the mansion gates locked.

I have found some other forum posts mentioning this same bug as well. Please do fix this soon, I hope this helps.
Thank you.