Boss fight chapter 3

I’m experiencing a bright white light how long is it going to take for you guys to fix the issue, if not I want my money back

Hi there,

We're currently working on a fix for this issue, but we don't have an exact time that we expect the bug to be fixed.

Good morning. Yes, please get this fixed asap. This is an otherwise awesome game but this is an incredibly frustrating glitch.

@iyagovos I love this game so far, minus this glitch, but you guys are gonna owe me a new controller too because of the frustration. Hurry please

Same issue here please fix this. This ist really annoying!! Really love this game so far but this bug is a real game breaker

Use the good barbed cudgel with upgrades to damage (165) stamina, and stun and pummel him right from the beginning. Only dash/ Dodge when he tries to hit you. This also prevents the white light issue. Also constantly use blood for health while hitting him.

There seems to be a bug with the game on this boss fight chapter as it seems the reflection of the water in the fight is blinding and is not the best thing to have while trying to fight a boss Xbox one

I have the same issue in my xbox one here in brasil fix this is unplayable and the game is good!

Just you let you people know this. I am playing on the xbox one and what i did was ...... exit the game and restart it. Dont worry the game saves just before the fight.