Game randomly generating custom markers

Idk if these forums are reserved for more serious bugs, but I'll report this nonetheless.. Basically, the game won't stop making custom markers on the map, and it's kind of annoying. I know I didn't make them because I've had the game saying I had a custom marker so and so meters away when I had just started the game and had never even opened the map before, so I couldn't have possibly made it, even by mistake.

It happens in every save. I remove them but the game generates more custom markers, not always in the same place, but they still keep appearing. This is happening on pc.

Hi there,

Thank you for this, I'm really sorry about how long it took me to respond to you. This is the first I'm hearing about this issue, does it only happen while you're in the map, or is it constantly?

@iyagovos Umm, well I open the map periodically whilst I'm playing the game but the markers don't just appear before my eyes whilst I'm looking at the map, usually I'll be walking around and it will tell me there's a marker some distance away and then I open up the map to see where this marker has come from.

So it might be that they get generated whilst I'm walking around the districts, like I said, this even happened in a save where I'd never opened the map before so..

It's usually 2-3 markers that get made each time I play the game, they don't necessarily appear at the same time. There can be one and I remove it, play a bit, and then there's another.. It doesn't immediately make another marker once I've removed one. There is usually a space between them generating, it's not constantly making millions of them.

@iyagovos It also happens to me too and it happens regardless of what you're doing but is most notable when moving from the map menu back to the game. But it isn't the player doing it because some of the markers are in a position the cursor can't even get to in the first place, and thus can't remove it.

@miss-bubbleh Yeah, I've had a few of them generate rather high up - that's where I usually tend to find them, somewhere high on the map. And I've also had the problem with them being so high up I couldn't remove them.

Are they generating out of bounds at all? And this is from before the most recent patch, right? Does it still happen post-patch?

@iyagovos In my game, some of the markers do generate in places when there's no land so I guess that's "out of bounds." It still happens after the patch.

Thanks, I'll add that to the report I gave the team

So I'm playing this in 2020 and I take it you guys never actually fixed this. It's really annoying.

I guess this issue never got looked into. It's still happening. Playing in with EA Play on PC.

I don't think that the markers are actually getting generated randomly. I think that they get generated when you click on the menu to switch tabs. Left clicking on the map places a marker (very bad control choice), so clicking on the top menu seems to place map markers accidentally.