Controller question

When I access the advanced menu and use the crane, the 'Restore' option that rests the crane doesn't appear when using a controller. Only when I press 'V' on the keyboard it allows me to reset the crane via that option.

Is this a bug with my version or is there an option I am missing? It's been there from day one, when I started playing mudrunner I thought that the devs had removed that function and it was only when I used the keyboard I realised that it doesn't appear when using a controller. weird.

Pay attention to button hints at screen's bottom, if it's enabled.
You have to hold "select" button ("A" for Xbox or Xinput compatible gamepad) when in "crane opeating" mode. The very same button you pressed to start operating crane.

@deadwanderer ah, 🤦♂.. lol I knew I must have been missing something obvious..