[New Release] Marijn's Spring Weight Tool 2.2.0

Marijn's Weight Tool, version 2

Here is the new Weight Tool Marijn and I worked on to perfect. It works a lot better and the error is fixed now. I hope you all like it.

Marijn's Weight Tool v2

How to install Marijn's Spring Weight Tool, version 2

There is also a new feature where you can weight more that one spring at once.
I'll cover that more when I get the other tutorials done for it. They will be done asap for those that don't know how to use this.

Have fun...

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Here's another video I did yesterday to demonstrate what can be done using the weight tool. There is no sound tho. I was winging it and there were mistakes so I had to split 4 videos into one to create this. You can just follow along to see how I did it. I'll explain more in my next video when I show ya'll how to setup the IKs properly.

I hope this helps...

Creating a Compound Spring/Shock - No Sound

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Working file for above video

New file fixed

Spring Double Compressed Ends fixed

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EDIT to "Creating a Compound Spring/Shock"

I had a problem with the top spring and figured I should show ya what it was so ya'll didn't have the same problem as I did.

I also changed the working file and uploaded the fix.

Spring Double Compressed Ends fixed

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i do not build mods, but nice to see you around again tattoo.

Thanks 8up local and a953981861.

[3DS MAX] Spring Weight Tool 2.2.0

Marijn has been hard at work to bring you all a better version of the Weight Tool.
It is basically the same with a different layout and new section added as well as the endcap problem fully removed.

[3DS MAX] Spring Weight Tool 2.2.0

Spring Weight Tool 2.2.0

Here is the description of changes quoted from Marijn;

The layout has changed,
Help text has been added,
Autodetection of the endcaps,
and the option to use an offset when the spring is part of a bigger mesh.

The problem with the endcaps has been fully removed.
The last part is the 'Vertex range'. That was added as a personal request by me for those who like a one part mesh, like Pavel does for the default vehicles. It helps to cut down on draw calls when loading and using a vehicle mod.


EDIT: I found a problem with this so I have to wait to see what Marijn can come up with before I can show ya'll how to use the 'Vertex Range'. Sorry 'bout that.

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