Cannot map cntrols for skills

I use non-US keyboard where 1 2 3 etc. key-line corresponds to ą č ę and so on.
I cannot map those keys to skills (it just doesn't detect them) and have no way to activate them.
Other games can successfully map to diacritic letters and most of them are premapped correctly and behave ok even if you switch a keyboard map middle of the game.

Adding another keyboard layout to Windows is not an option.

My support request is still not addressed. Great support.

Hi there,

my sincere apologies for not getting back to you sooner, it's been incredibly busy this last week. I'm passing this on to the team right now to take a look at.

Could you let me know what keyboard/keyboard layout you are using, please?

It's Lithuanian.
For some reason I am not getting an email notification for your reply.

So, the game is still unplayable for me.

@bmaggot Apologies, I've not heard back from the team yet, I'll chase them on it today.