[PS4] Not Even Once glitch

Hail all,

All citizens living (none embraced, four made ekons, Sean Dawson Cullum Swansea) and did not get the trophy...

I suppose this. I embraced that first fool at the hospital pier, but the game did not save (?), since I quit and, when I entered again, then it was still before that encounter (seeing him pushing the other to the river etc.) and this time I released him and continued until the end, as said above... Did this ruined it?

Will this be fixed?

Have the same problem, all citizens rescued and alive and well except for Dorothy since i charmed her though i've read that leaving her alive or killing her doesn't void the trophy.

Hi all!

Did either of you kill the Vicar during the fight against Mary?

I killed... Someone said that did not count (since the trophy was still gotten).

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same for me, other trophy hunters killed the vicar in the boss fight and they still acquired the trophy.

Side note:
Do i have to initiate the event where i see dorothy as a skal? I just never went to the dispensary after charming her in my first playthrough. Killed her as a skal the second and third ones.

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Hi there,

Killing the Vicar will count as killing a Vicar, are you sure that those players are killing the Vicar as well? If so, this is a bug.

Played again... and loved this game again... so many different paths and outcomes. The combat is delicious! Did not kill that vicar this time and truly Reid's eyes were immaculately white until the end...that time with that vicar killed they became tainted with red. The end differed and got the trophy. Solved.

I just completed the game on PS4, did not embrace a single character, all citizens alive except Dawson (who I mesmerized, but did not feed on), and I did not kill the vicar either. But I didn't get the trophy, and did not get the "best" ending. Very frustrating, it feels like I went to a lot of trouble for nothing.