Lore Locations, Characters, and an Underhive Map

Been a fan of Necromunda for a while and have read a lot of the background and I wanted to ask about what the plans are to integrate the exisiting lore into the game or if they'll be creating their own locations and characters?

In several of the novels of the novels there key locations that I was wondering if were going to be in the game in some fashion.
Key ones that existed accross multiple stories are:
Dust Falls, it's a centrally located town that is a gateway to the underhive, built on the top of an industrial spill that ate its way down to the Sump Lake and is basically a transit hub.
The Sump, I imagine this will make its way in, it's a giant toxic lake at the bottom of the Underhive where all the nasty chemicals of industry gather.
Glory Hole, a major settlement that appears in several Necromunda novels. Mostly in Hagen's bar.
Hive Bottom? Think I'm wrong on the name, but at the bottom of Dust Fall's tunnel to the Sump is a town built on the shores of the toxic lake. Also a recurring settlement.

In addition, there's of course several characters like Kal Jerico, Klovis the Redeemer, and Mad Donna who I was wondering if were going to be involved at all.

Regardless, I imagine like Mordhiem there will be a represenative map of the Underhive, something that I've wanted for a while as it creates a more immersive setting to just have an idea of where things are supposed to be in relation to one another, especially if named Settlements are going to be included.

An official response would be awesome, but I was wondering if anyone else out there remembers any locations, characters, etc they'd like to see make it in?

When it comes to the map, i think the way Mordheim did it was great and i do really hope we see the same in Necromunda. Maybe have some landmark indicators around, but the way it was done was good. Still, i wonder if the map will be also our turf indicator (if we get to have turf wars) and we can manage our turf through the map.

As for the lore characters, i kinda expect them to be like the storytellers in Mordheim: every band will have one special character that will mentor them and guide them through the game the same way Luthor or Filch did with many of us in Mordheim.

Never read into Mordheim, liked the game, but were those lore characters or original characters?

Necromunda has lore characters, some from Codex and others from the books they printed for the setting. Mad Donna is from both so there's a pretty good chance she'll make it in for Escher, but more obscure characters from the other gangs are another thing. I wouldn't be surprised if the devs haven't read any of the novels, but it would be pretty cool if they were aware of the less known stuff. Original characters would be fine, gangs like Goliath don't really have any protagonists in the lore, some enemies that are mostly killed off so they don't have a lot of options, but it would be cool to see a few that do. Or Kal Jerico, he's not a ganger but he's got several books and codex rules so he's a distinct possibility.

I'm also sure there's going to be a map, my question is more what's going to be on it. Dust Falls is pretty major and I'm pretty sure it's in the Codex, but there's other places such as Glory Hole that were pretty consistent in the novels so I'd want to know if they'll make it on there. Also, I don't know if I missed it but in Mordheim even thought hey had the map I don't think I saw the locations you traded with actually on there, which would have added to the immersion.

Turf is also as you said a pretty important feature of Necromunda, so I'd like to see how that is handled. Attacking and defending gang holdings would be pretty awesome, especially if there was customization for them, more the better, but being able to hold, upgrade and fight over locations that are represented in game would be ideal.

A lot of potential here for immersive gameplay, I just wonder how much will be original and how much will be taken from the lore. I hope we get at least a few lore locations and a handful of the characters where possible.

@DeTortor said in Lore Locations, Characters, and an Underhive Map:

Also, I don't know if I missed it but in Mordheim even thought hey had the map I don't think I saw the locations you traded with actually on there, which would have added to the immersion.

The map in Mordheim didn't have any in-game significance, it was simply a nice-looking interface for picking missions, but mechanically speaking, those missions could just as easily have come from a drop down menu or a list - there was no correlation between place on the map and anything ingame (that I could see). I could be wrong though. Trading locations were also not on the map. It's certainly an area where there was/is a lot of room for improvement, but given the constraints of that project, they probably did the right thing. Feature creep is a real project-killer (I've seen it too often).

Here's to hoping Necromunda has a bigger budget for these kinds of details, especially since turf/territories is an actual part of that game, which IIRC is unique among the skirmish-level games: GorkaMorka had each mob own a fort and a mine, but there was no provision for controlling bigger or better forts in the rules, or for losing it.

@Mekelan That's not entirely true, different segments of the city looked different when you picked a mission in those areas, and the campaign locations were represented on the map; the warf, the bridge, the temple, etc.

Places like Black Pit Settlement and the other places you sent Wyrdstone didn't seem to be, however, which while not a big deal I think was a missed opportunity to make the city feel more "alive." Wouldn't have to be particularly more complicated, just a matter of a few more ques to make show where the people you're dealing with are, and maybe where your Warband actually camps.

Despite that, I think the interactive map was better than a set of menus, I just hope they add in these sorts of things. Really just Major Settlements and Gang Territory. Not sure what more would be needed, but with these kind of additions it'd be a great improvement.