Vampyr crashes after entering the game

Between 3 and 10 Minutes after starting the game, not only the main menu, the game itself, the game crashes and gives this as error.

0_1528571126411_vamyr error.png

Any ideas how to fix it?

Short system information:
WIN 7 Ultimate
AMD FX-8370 Eight-Core Processor
AMD Radeon R9 300 Series Graphic Card

Device Lost/Hung usually means that the driver crashed or your video card hardware is unstable (overheating, OC, PSU power surge/outage, etc.).

If it happens even in main menu after certain period of time or within the game while idling then see above. If it happens while triggering in-game events (loading scree/transition, UI elements, quest triggers, etc.) then please specify exactly where and when.

I have this issue as well.
Running current driver (and have reinstalled it, as well as reinstalled the game)

My specs are
windows 10 pro
i5 3570k
Maxwell Titan X
24g DDR3 Ram

Researching this issue (info is very very sparse)
I came across a potential fix with Tdr in windows.
Made the suggested Registry changes but to no avail.

I'm not new to troubleshooting PC issues, specifically PC Gaming issues.
Can't seem to fix this.

I can replace my graphic card and test again next weekend.

It first happens within the dialogue with the sister of Jonathan, right after he realized that she is dead. (happened 2 times).
So I tried to skip the video and after the first corner it crashed again.

For the next try I'll try to make video.

Okay, I replaced the graphic card and installed the actual drivers.

See the results in the video...

Spoiler: After the black screen I see the already mentioned error... exactly the same error.

I'm also receiving this issue.

I7 5960x
nvidia 980ti

Hey Devs,

I recieved the latest update and now I got a black screen after ~ 1 Minute and have to kill the game via task manager.
No error, just black screen.

Does it have any known problems with a two monitor setup or team viewer?
(Already had some issues with other games, so I'm asking)

@schizophror There aren't any issues I'm aware of with two monitor setups. Are you having similar issues in the other games?


Since the last AMD driver update not.

By now Vampyr is the only game i recieve issues.

But if needed I check all 380 games I own...

Hey everybody,

it looks like I fixed it.

I downgraded the driver for my graphic card from version 18.5.1 to 13.4.2

Since this downgrade I'm able to play... for at least 2 hours straight until I had to stop playing.

Maybe someone can fix his/her problem as well this way.