From one of the interviews I've watched it seems that the only fireamrs avaliable to us will be pistols. Is that true? I was hoping for some musket/arquebus action myself (especially considering the trailer), but I can see how it would be problematic to implement into the combat.


Thank you for following us. In GreedFall you will be able to have two different types of fireams, pistols-like and as you hope musket-like :). As other weapons and armors/equipements, fireams will have crafting options.

That's great to hear! I'm really happy there will be muskets after all. I must say, I'm amazed at the level of communication with the fanbase you guys have. I'm sure the fact forum isn't that crowded helps, but it's still admirable considering how tight-lipped the developers usually are these days. I really love the setting of the game, was waiting for an RPG like that for a long time (it's always either medieval fantasy or sci-fi, never musket era). I can only hope you'll learn from the mistakes in your previous titles and deliver a great experience. Good luck with your work!

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@mariec├ęcile-jacq said in Firearms:

two different types of fireams, pistols-like and as you hope musket-like :).

Can I ask you how do you want to balance melee weapons and firearms? Because usual approach would be making it basically the same in terms of power (damage). But it would look somewhat unconvincing IMHO if you make firearms pretty weak for balance reasons because in that case firearms should be less common than your teaser anticipates (of course, I may be wrong and firearms wont be that common in game world). I imagine that you could balance it by different features like for example... melee weapons would be generally faster and easier to learn (hit) while firearms would have bigger damage, but slower attack (slow reloading) and rare and expensive ammo and harder to aim. Something like that.

Small suggestion:

  • Could you create also some special variants of those pistols and muskets? IMHO your settings would be great for some experimental weapons, weapons with more barrels but unstable shooting :), poisonous pistols from special material from the island, crazy musket/crossbow hybrids, pistols shaped like daggers that adds some bonuses for melee... anything like that.


fireams will have crafting options.

Could you add to items some new features by crafting? I mean something like "better attack vs monsters, but worse attack vs humans", "better attack vs giants", "chance to burn target", "knock back target" etc. Something that gives more options and enrich the combat, not just usual +1 or +0,1 to stats. Unfortunately crafting in many games is based on small upgrades to stats that are insignificant and often forgetable. I hope your design would be better.

Hi Farflame,

Thanks a lot for these questions and suggestions.
As you can imagine, we can't at the minute reveal in detail each aspect of the fighting system. However, be sure the integration of the firearms will be well balanced and adapted to melee combats.
GreedFall is an RPG, and we really want to have an interesting character building (scenario but also skills wise), so advanced use of weapons, armor, magic... will have to be unlocked. You will have two sets of weapons (including a firearm and another weapon each) that you can swap at any moment, to optimise combat.
Even if we're inspired by the 17th century, weapons and technology won't be 100% historically accurate, and you will be able to have very cool firearms design. You will also be able to use poison bullets and interesting additional effects added by the craft.
Don't hesitate to have a look to the different interviews we gave, as combat was one of the top questions.

Thanks !

i hope that with gun combat you can implement a good deal of defensive and acrobatic actions to counter/dodge or block bullets and magic, crouch down to take up new shooting stances or to pick up bullets/items and dodge balls with *diverolls. I really noticed alot of games forgo the defensive aspects of the game's combat especially at melee/close range its all forgoten for brute luck, its best to add some offsetting tactics, as well as martial arts elements to keep the game more desireble, just like the matrix series and the kungfu are remembered for high action and survival.

Also the enemies need to have a good deal of defensive hide/skin so damage is more believable, knockback players when they are larger than them with attacks, and use other tactics so that they just dont sit there taking hits, its not going to be a replayable game if the enemy A.I is easy to defeat, i think giving the enemies so magic protections and additional healthbars, counter attack strategies and high amount of blocking/defense will complete greedfall.

I wrote a post about terrains/world enhancements that should make good use of each grass/dirt/weather change and monster's territory. It should make each area/terrain have a basic movement speed when the players and monsters step on each type of terrain/grass/water to grant them additional movement speeds or magical enhancements, and since this is an RPG the town areas too could have sidequest that unlock more features or bonuses to movement speed/luck charisma per terrain square.*

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