Vampyr (PS4) Blackmail in Whitechapel quest bug, can't continue story, got stuck


So after I went to Whitechapel district to get some information about nurse Dorothy Crane, I spoke with Darius Petrescu, investigated his talk with Dorothy and after the cutscene the quest bugged and didn't gave any further instructions what should I do (in the cutscene the nurse wasn't shown). So I restarted the game and now the quest sais "Investigate Darius Petrescu's actions" (which I have already done) but the cutscene event is not triggering and the guy is just standing in one place. Here I made a video about this bug, maybe it helps to understand the problem.
Youtube Video

On Reddit Vampyr forum I posted this and a few other guys replied that they encountered the same problem, some of them on PS4, some of them on PC.

Anyone got any solution for this?

Hello, thanks for your report!

The team is investigating this issue. It never happened in our test and we're doing our best to reproduce and fix it.

Thank you for your fast answer! I hope you can fix this issue in no time.

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Yes, i have the same exact problem. PS4 version, during the cutscene the nurse texture didn't load and she spoke as "invisible". Now Petrescu doesn't move and the quest doesn't advance even exiting and reloading the game 😧

I am having the same issue this is really frustrating. I was really rooting for this game. Have been waiting awhile for a game like this and this glitch just ruined my experience.

I am having the same problem. Darius had a conversation with Dorothy and after that the mission no longer had an objective. After reloading the game to try and fix it, now Darius just stands at the door and won't move. He answers the door and that's it. The game tells me I need to investigate his actions, but since I already did that, the game is stuck. So, basically, not playable anymore...

Perhaps there is a way to send a save file that is experiencing this issue? It is clearly embedded within the save because I downloaded a previous file from the cloud and it was not fixed in the game. This was after reinstalling the game and 1.03 patch.

Yep ive got the same thing, i had to reload cause i couldnt talk to npcs in whitechapel either, now im stuck, guess ill go back to my other games till all these bugs are fixed

Same issue, XBOX1 here. This is unacceptable for a 60 USD single player game. This is not an mmo. Gamebreaking bugs are unacceptable. Did you devs do any QT before charging "triple A" price?

The bug reported 3 days ago and still didn't fix it. It is not a side quest bug or something. We can't play, stuck there. We paid $90 dollar and we can't play. This must be a joke!!!!

At this point I am probably just going to trade this in for something else. I guess the developer doesn't mind used sales eating into the profit of their first shipment of Vampyr given the lack of response to the several game breaking bugs that have been discovered since release. I don't appreciate having my time or money wasted by sloppy tech issues.

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Another day rolls by. Unacceptable! And since I got this digital on XBOX i cant get a refund. These guys are literally stealing from us to let this go for as many days as it has. This isnt an mmo. How hard is it to find a fix? Unless DEV team is just sitting back counting their cash at this point.

Hi all,

If you're playing on PS4 or PC, would it be possible for you to upload your saves using WeTransfer? We'd like to test the fix on those saves.

Thank you!

Running into the same issue. In my case I think I was skipping through the dialogue because...

When I get home from work tonight I will upload my save. Thank you!

Hello, this is my PS4 save data:
I hope it helps your work with the fix!

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Exact same problem on PS4 here. Dorothy doesn't appear although I can hear her talking to Darius, then I can't progress. At first I couldn't talk to any of the WC people (both before and after knocking on the door and talking to Darius. Reloaded my save game and now I can talk to people but Darius is in the room by the door and the objective won't update.

I'd like to share my save game but can't figure out how. Tried to go to WeTransfer on the PS4 browser and it said the feature wouldn't work or something like that. How do you copy your save file to WeTransfer?

Really hoping there's a fix for this. I don't want to have to start over from the beginning to get back to where I was, especially if there's a chance this will happen again when I get there. 😞