Console wheel support

I’ve been waiting to purchase this game since release but I’ve been waiting for wheel support on console. Any idea when this coming?

@qman328 I wouldn't be waiting solely beacuse you want to play with a wheel, I'd think it would be harder to play the game using a wheel as the wheels dont turn quick like playing a racing game. They are simulated to turn slowly as would an old truck from the 60s- 80s

I play mudrunner using my logitech g920 it works perfectly... i prefer using my wheel to the control u dont need to sit there holding the slow steering and driving round corners with the bigger 8x8 etx is alooot quiker..

The gearing yesss is shit as u only have gears 1 - 3/4/5(truck depending) and no low or high range... but all i do i keep my control pad on my lap to change gear and navigate menus.