Ideas to improve the game experience


  1. More vehicle / cars example Jeep Cherokee, Ford Raptor
  2. More Vehicle / cars colours and free choice.
  3. More Light vehicle.
  4. More maps example Sand pit and Sand forest map. Rocky terrain and sand forest map.
  5. Map editor.
  6. More add the job ( mission ) and to change the point of entry into money and with money they have access to purchased vehicles and their accessories and the repair costs.
    Missoins i write a moment earlierNow I would exchange point 0/10 money into income

Spintires best Off-Road game, Thank you

I would really like to see Automatic Host Migration so if the host gets kicked the next person automatically become host instead of everybody getting kicked. Also i would like the option to turn off damage in Casual on consoles or after completing a map you get the option too turn off damage for that map.The last thing I'd like to see is an option on consoles too turn off objectives (Logging) & the map becomes unlocked. I really hope this is taken into consideration. Thank You

I would really like to see smaller & faster trucks added instead of only having big trucks.

For a game that had so much hype it needs allot of help. The graphics inside the vehicles are so poor. My mom could have done a better job. The rear view and side mirrors don't duo nothing. The gameplay is horrible. The camera views are horrible, confusing and they have a mind of there own. The exterior cam angle should have set views and manual or various. The same goes with the map view. It moves so fast and you can't zoom in enough and it doesn't even look the same as what you are driving in. Gps is crazy. I'm truly trying to give this game a try but even with 2 or 3 yrs developing you guys missed so much and ruined your chances. The physics suck. No map while driving makes no sense. You can only watch mud flinging from tires for so long than its boring. I'm very disappointed.

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About me: Playing on Xbox One, new to the series, LOVE this game.

My Wish List:

  1. Stop birds singing at night. Other than an owl, there shouldn't be birds singing at night. Drives me crazy every time.. always makes me think dawn is coming, but then I check and it's only 1 AM.

  2. Add in-game truck profiles. Similar to the profiles that you've put on this forum, they would describe the trucks and give stats on performance/specs, and possible configurations.

  3. The random trucks could spawn in tougher to find places, and also in worse shape. For example, upside down in a river. That would make them more of a risk/reward element on the map to go get them, recover them, and repair them.

  4. DLC of some of the fun off road vehicles people are modding on PC (Jeeps, Ford Broncos, Chevy Blazers, etc). Even if they're not officially licensed or called by real names, they could be similar.

  5. More Challenges. More in quantity, and also more challenging and creative beyond the existing set.

  6. Camera (already discussed by many).

  7. Weather changes. Rain, snow, etc.

That's it for now. Thanks for giving players a forum to share their ideas.


  • add crane seat camera
  • for the cabin camera, possibility to move head right/left/up/down and look outside of the truck like in eurotruck simulator.
  • move back a little bit the internal camera view or let us set FOV
  • add mirrors
  • let us map shortcut keys like in spintires. using the gear lever is frustrating when playing with keyboard. having shortcuts to change gear will be a life saver.
  • remove this annoying internal camera view icon text from the screen and move it to camera buttons
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add loads of machined timber (planks, beams etc) from "lumber mills" to a "garage" or other suitable place that would serve as an exit hub for goods out of a region.

so you have the 8pts of logs to deliver to each lumber mill, then 8pts of machined timber to haul from lumber mill to each garage (or other suitable regional goods exit), with the 8pts of machined timber only being unlocked once the lumber mill has had 8pts of logs delivered.

Thing's that would make the game experience much better in my opinion.

Well yes, we all know and we would like to see some things but will they ever happen..

I allowed myslef to re-link the above video so that it can be seen here without switching to youtube.

Youtube Video

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Some UI tweak suggestions.

  • Make "back to main menu" more obvious. Like glowing letters "Main Menu" all over stripe;
  • This was annoying and still being present — checkbox "search lobbies with certified mods" affects created lobby in a way that it prohibits to launch game with mods, when it checked before creating. This checkbox should affect "search lobby" only and lobbies with unsertified mod should have more proactive warning that game being launched with these. Or add checkboxes inside lobbies to filter out mods when selecting trucks;
  • While we at it - add check if players has or actually downloading mods;
  • Lobby search would enjoy more details about created rooms in list. Either some short details in list (e.g. "Casual, Downhill (1/4) cert. mods." or "HC, Island (3/4), no mods", etc) or done via small box with map and short text info about lobby created over map itself. Latter may or may not include truck info upon selection.

This is not UI itself, but some parts I'd like to see

  • Old "roof/hood" camera and switch in menu between "cockpit - roof" camera. Because some mods just not suited for cabin view.
  • Switch for "xray" view for liquids inside (yeah, that getting old and annoying, but there's demand for that).
  • Speaking for "xray" view - when getting "Dangerous water level" warning there would be awesome view of grey sihlouette of engine in water all time when warning active and highlighted (in red) part of engine that should touch water to get damage. Not only flashing when it actually "drowning".

@Bewc Similarly, incorporating missions to skid logs from deep forests to a loading site with a logging tractor could add another layer of complexity to the game and keep players engaged.

It sounds like you have a lot of creative ideas as I downloaded pinterest ideas from Pinterest video downloader for expanding the game, and I'm sure players would appreciate the effort to continually improve and evolve the game. It's always a great idea to listen to feedback from your audience and incorporate their suggestions when possible.