Insurgency Sandstorm Community Update, Release Date Announcement

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Hey everyone, this is Michael Tsarouhas, I am the lead game designer on Insurgency: Sandstorm. I wanted to take some time to give you all an update on Sandstorm’s development, share some juicy new content, and announce our release dates. If you’d like to get up to speed on our last announcement earlier this year, please see here.

We’ll get right to it. Insurgency: Sandstorm will officially launch for Windows PC in September 2018 on Steam for $29.99. Pre-ordering will get you a 10% discount, and for those who already own Insurgency there will be an additional loyalty discount of 10%, adding up to a total of 20% off. We aren’t sharing a specific release date just yet, but will announce it in due time.

We’ll be accepting pre-orders for Insurgency: Sandstorm on Steam very soon. In addition to the discounts being offered, pre-ordering will get you access to a beta version before release. This beta will be the full game, but will likely still have some bugs and issues to be resolved. We look forward to getting our community’s help in reporting and addressing these remaining issues, as well as receiving any general feedback, as we approach release. This community feedback has always been a big part of the development process in any of our games, so we’re excited at the opportunity to have a beta like this. Details on when the beta will start will be available at a later date.

Sandstorm’s release for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One has unfortunately needed to be pushed back. We’re currently planning for a console launch sometime in the first half of 2019. Our original goal was to release both console and Windows PC versions side by side in 2018, but we feel we need more time to polish the console experience. It’s important that we ensure we deliver an overall solid experience that is as bug free and stable as possible regardless of platform. Rest assured we still have every intention to expand our community to console, it’s just going to need to take a little more time. We know this may be disappointing news to some of you. We’ve been shown a lot of love (especially recently) from console players who are hankering for a kind of hardcore gameplay like the one we provide. We want our new console audience to have a great first impression, and feel strongly that the extra time will better allow us to accomplish this.

Let’s talk a little bit about our content and what’s new. We’ll be releasing in September with the following game modes: Push, Firefight, and Capture the Base for Versus, as well as Checkpoint for Coop. Operation and Outpost were mentioned in our last blog post; Outpost being a legacy mode of Insurgency and Operation being something more experimental. These won’t be included for release and will be considered for post-release content instead. We’ve found they’ll need some more attention than we originally planned, and we still need to determine if they have a place in our experience. As we mentioned in the last community update, we want to make sure every game mode is tight, unique, and fun, and that we don’t split our playerbase too much with too many. Checkpoint mode is shaping up really nicely, and has some pretty sweet improvements since Insurgency. We can’t give specifics just yet, but you’ll be seeing them soon enough.

Similar to Insurgency, we plan to support Insurgency: Sandstorm with free content updates post-release. We will continually expand the game with new weapons, upgrades, maps, and other content. Modding support is something we are committed to providing. We want to work with our modding community to give them the tools they need to create exciting new content beyond what the official experience offers. This includes Steam Workshop integration, custom map tools, game rule adjustments (similar to Insurgency’s theater system), and things of that nature.

We’ve added a ton of content since our last update in January. Release will have roughly 40 weapons and about 40 upgrades available for many of those weapons. While some of these weapons will be familiar for fans of Insurgency, many are new. Fire support has been further fleshed out and runs the gamut from jet airstrikes (BRRRT), explosive artillery, chemical mortars, explosive suicide drones, and helicopters who will swoop in and attack with rockets, miniguns, and autocannons. When coordinated effectively by a team’s Commander and Observer player classes, one of these fire support options can spark a pretty wicked comeback or solidify the strength of a push. We’re also working on our character customization system which will include hundreds of different cosmetic items as well as several voice options. We have included over 6500 lines of unique character dialogue including local Arab fighters (for both Security and Insurgent teams), American special operations soldiers, fire support coordinators, and air support pilots. We currently have no plans to include Steam Marketplace support, item trading, or a loot crate system. All these items, in addition to not affecting gameplay, will be a totally optional secondary aspect to the game. They will be unlocked by progressing through ranks and by using an ingame currency system with a direct buy option for most items.

Alright, let’s show off some screenshots. Unreal Engine 4 has just been awesome to work with. Epic have been great partners and we’ve been able to bring Sandstorm’s maps up to a level of visual quality and overall size unprecedented to what we could achieve before.

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We’ve certainly come a long way in engine technology, huh? Unreal’s 20th birthday was just last week, and we are happy to be working with the tools that follow in its legacy.

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Oh yeah, and we’re working on dismemberment too. This is still a pretty heavy work in progress.

Be sure to follow our social media for more info as things develop. We’re going to be at E3 in Los Angeles letting people play the game in the West Hall #4512 at the Focus Home Interactive booth. Please feel free to come find us and say hi. All of us on our team and at Focus are still very excited to show all of you Insurgency: Sandstorm, and we can’t wait to put it in your hands. Stay tuned and stick with us. It’s really not much longer now.


Never clicked to a notification this fast , very hyped. Congrats for the good work shown , I really hope this puts you ahead of other fps AAA-s. Best devs eva #sandstorm

Absolute shame about the year long delay for console. I was really hyped for a 2018 release and already started getting friends interested via a Community on PS4. Was looking forward to it this year since there is a bit of a lul in games (that I'm interested in) right now, passing the word, etc.

I think I'll shelve my enthusiasm / interest for now and see how I feel about it next year. I wish you folks well either way.

Sweet, I'm looking forward for the beta version. Can't wait to get my hands on the game within a few months.

It a shame that the console launch is going to be postponed to 2019. With all that said, I would mind if you dev do another playtesting next year on console. We got a bunch of feedback/suggestion in the FHI form if your interested.

OMFG THATS SO AWESOME cant wait for it

Great post. Looking forward to play it.

please let me out on ps4 as the date for pc. I can not wait to buy it

@mikee please let me out on ps4 as the date for pc. I can not wait to buy it

@ilgatto said in Insurgency Sandstorm Community Update, Release Date Announcement:

@mikee please let me out on ps4 as the date for pc. I can not wait to buy it

I'd rather they deliver a solid product than one that isn't ready for release. ....and that will only happen with more time. I also have to believe that console has the potential to benefit from the earlier PC release as they could possible see things they might want to change or improve along the way.

I'm pretty bummed too but there are a couple of good titles coming out this year that should help keep me busy until the release in 2019.

Guys is there anyway you can add alot of smoke when reloading a MG because of the hot barrel and love the game im very disipointed because we have to wait about another year of this game and checking on updates everyday but w.e i have to take a break ill resume suporting this game around the end of this year

Just take my money already. I will always support NWI they proven their love and loyalty to the community many times.

WE LOVE YOU NWI ❤️ keep up the amazing work you doin!

Hyped :). My hard earned "cash" from selling loot boxes in PUBG will go to buying this next installment :).

It is a pity that the priorities have been re-selected incorrectly. This is FPS, not a platformer. I do not understand why priorities have not been changed before. Keep in mind that many community players are playing on Linux. The priority should be given to Windows and Linux. I wonder if the NWI thought about the version of the Linux dedicated server is another priority.

What time does the beta release im in central time zone?

Loving the game 👏🏻 👏🏻 👏🏻

Already having loads of fun in BETA. And we know that the optimization and overall performance are going to improve.
love Insurgency, love day of imfamy and thanks for yet another amazing game 🙂

game is still not optimized has a lot of locking for those who do not have a pc so good, match that does not choose the side of the team is bogged in the viewer tend to fix it the faster but thanks

I cant log in the game keep telling me server issue. Is anyone having the same problem?

It says, cant log in to new world services.

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