Please don't add Denuvo

It's just not good for anyone. Thank you.

I'm all for it as long as the people that did buy the game or got it gifted from a friend can play the game without a internet connection, game piracy is a big problem and with games becoming very expensive to make I'm all for Denuvo. But if they do add it there should be a small demo out for people to try the game before they buy it.

Denuvo is just a waste of money right now , it can be cracked easily .

CPY and 3DM have defeated Denuvo so, using it is just a waste of money. Nothing is inbeatable in the world of zeros and ones.

The best weapon against piracy is price. Make it to high and many people will seek pirated options. Make it low enough and more people will buy it and more recommendations will follow! And bigger fan base will be 🙂
IMO price for Mudrunner is OK and with -50% for Spintire owners is just perfect. So even If I would not have -50% then for me price would be ok and I would buy it even without waiting for sale. Games that are above 30 euros start to be a problem for me. All deppends on where you live. Some countries have s**ty minimal salary so they will most likely go for pirate if price is above 24 euros. I personally dont buy games that cost 35-60 euros. I wait for sale at least -50% When I saw Mudrunner price with -50% loyalty discount plus 10% preorder (55%) I did not even hasitate to preorder. If price of main game is not insanely high then I am willing to buy DLCs
I dont have big idea about Denuvo and other anty piracy programs but adding some problematic anty piracy program to the game can make more harm than good especially if it harms legit users.