now waiting for the newest Mudrunner plus update 1.7.2 to come out

now waiting for the newest Mudrunner plus update ..the ridge DLC just came out so now waiting for the new 1.7.2 update for the MOD to come out..

You can still use 18/03/06 from Beta , so u still have the mud plus till 1.7.2 come out!

1.7.1 still works for me. I just uninstall/reinstall the directory in STM

It's the same for me , mud + (1.7.1) is ok !!!

Im using the 1.7.1 version but my saves arent working, am I doing something wrong or is a fresh start required ?

like I said at the beginning..all will be well again once the update comes out for the mod...

damn no update yet..hopefully this week comin..I miss the Mod..LOOL

the Modder must be too Busy right now..its usually updated by now...waiting waiting waiting..OMG Waiting..LOL...............are we there YET..are we there YET ?????????? LOLOL

@bigboyzback If you miss the mod , just go use the Ver. 18/03/06 .
You still have your mod , mud plus and dats it !

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yeah but NOT the ridge updated map..I'm playin it....its the latest dlc

have we seen the LAST of the Mudrunner MOD ??? the guy still has NOT Updated it..whats UP???

Maybe the guy also have a life beside mudrunner and do modding for impatient users.

Or maybe its called Sarcasm and most of us are joking.

yeah we are joking about it..but we still want it..LOL

besides I have no idea how to back down to another Mudrunner build once you install the new it as simple as uninstalling the New DLC and then the MOD will work or what ??? please anyone know how to get the earlier build so I can use the MOD again ?? I am legit and on steam with the game

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@bigboyzback Go to your Steam library. Then right click on Spintires: MudRunner and select Properties. Under the BETAS tab select the beta you would like to opt into: ver_18_01_29b or ver_18_03_06.

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