Unloaded log exploit

I hope you are going to fix the exploit that allow to transport logs in "unloaded" status for zero weight.

@noise why? if someone does not feel like doing a delivery legit then that is on them. maybe just my opinion, but it is up to the individual player to decide if they want to "cheat" as some say. is it a cheat though since there is no actual competition to the gameplay to actually have a competitive advantage to begin with? if anything the cheat would be shorting ones self of the experience of dong a delivery the intended way. so while i agree it is an exploit that could be fixed, is it really necessary? idk, that would be up to us the community and devs at best. most likely the devs alone will decide though.

I'd like to see it fixed. But yes you can avoid the cheat if you want to. Still, it shouldn't be there.

Actually it would be nice to have that function revisited,because as it stand some people use it me included to haul a live load not locked meaning you previously loaded a full trailer of log,wich work on some map who don't have really steep hill,just planes.
It allow some gameplay change when hauling a load wich for the moment are limited.
Also that game is not about competition but cooperation so cheating here is quite useless and an other thing, if you unpack your load on some map you will simply lose a log or more in the process so you won't be able to lock the load again so it's not really a big deal.

Yes, you may lose a log if you drive unpacked for too long, but it's still a cheat as the unpacking allows you to quickly get out of sticky situations which wouldn't be possible in real life and if you drive just a short distance you're unlikely to lose a log.

The only issue I would have is possibly not being able to do split loads. I like being able to drop a load at a mill, repack just the trailer, unload that and drop the trailer, then continue on with just a loaded truck. Granted, that could be fixed by giving the option to unload individual attachments like we have for loading. Either way it's something I do quite often on some maps and I'd hate to lose that flexibility.

It's not about losing a log when unpacked since there is not enough grip between trailer and log and it repquire to be extra carefull when you drive unpacked,
it's about when you click on the menu to unpack your load,a log or more will disapear wich after that render the action useless,you just have to go back to the log pit to load again.
And when you compare to real life when the terrain is really in bad shape sometimes you have to unload and transfer to an other truck or just drop a part on the side to be able to continue to avoid fliping or just get your truck out, then load back.

Good point when the unload ui appear it would be nice to have the possibility to chose which part of the truck you want to unload or just being able to unload manually "dreaming" 🙂

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The winch and other trucks are the correct way to get out of a sticky situation... 😝 😝

What I would love to see, is when you tip your truck on the side, a whole bunch of logs get on the road, so that it makes a mess and you have to clean it up!
Currently, if you tip the truck, you get 3 or 4 logs on the ground. First of all it's quick to recover, and if you decide to leave these logs there, they won't be too annoying... 10 to 15 logs on the other hand, will be more problematic and you may have to get them out of the trail.
And of course, if you want to reload your truck, you'll have to recover all the 10 to 15 logs (to avoid cheating)

Funny this has come up... I actually don't load logs to 'increase' realism from a physics perspective. Each log on the truck has independent movement and I push the crane grab on the top logs to hold them in place. This is riskier to transport, however the payoff is a full lumber mill in a single trip if you fill up with 13 short logs.

I definitely don't see this as an exploit as much as a choice of ezmode - pack logs vs. real logs (larger payoff)

Anyone else play this way?

@raphael said in Unloaded log exploit:

It's not about losing a log when unpacked since there is not enough grip between trailer and log and it repquire to be extra carefull when you drive unpacked,
it's about when you click on the menu to unpack your load,a log or more will disapear wich after that render the action useless,you just have to go back to the log pit to load again.

Logs disappearing when dropped only seems to be an issue with some mods. (The Landrover mod from zidon is one of them). I have never had this with the Vanilla game.


From what I've seen lumber mills don't accept unpacked loads. How would delivering 13 unpacked logs work?

@unster you drive to the lumber mill, crane all the logs out except the 4 you need to pack, pack them and unload, crane 4 more, pack and unload, rinse and repeat

this allows you to drive a crane with small load only and clear a lumber mill solo in one run.

Any more than 13 logs spawned and they start overwriting themselves so you can't do a trailer as well unfortunately!

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I see. That's yet another way to exploit the log system. All this would go away if driving unpacked wasn't allowed outside the boundaries of a log kiosk.

@unster well there are going to be times you may roll over and reload the logs, but if your trailer is not in "proper position" you might need to drive a bit to reload them. also there are those who like to carry a full load of unloaded logs for making bridges. many reasons other than to "cheat" the system. lol funny how in this game to cheat is not all that bad really other than cheating ones self out of a challenging experience. after all like has been said, this is not a competition type of game.

i wonder if they could do something like the blockpost. as in you can deliver a load, but only if there are no "loose" logs near the mill/objective. say double the reach of a crane? so if someone was to "cheat" the system they at least have to move out of the box area and load up, then drive back into the box.

idk, but back on topic. yes, if someone is going to exploit the system this way then there should be weight added or something. only thing is though if the logs ar heavier to add weight ten how hard will the crane have with them? and if is the case. then how much stronger should the crane be? it is pretty strong as it is. so much stuff can be opened with a simple little question sometimes. lol

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Guys, I have to admit, I am not getting your point.
Why you want to cheat the game? There is no reward to obtain. This game gives you opportunuties of challenges, you should play it because you want to go through that challenge.
Actually, you make that challenge for yourself on your own. Which truck should I use? What size of load do I dare to transport on that road? Will I follow that road, or will I take a shortcut through those bushes?
If you want to deliver whole objective at once using unloaded logs, that is up to you. If you want to help yourself by unloading load when truck is stucked, that is up to YOU again.
There is no race, no reward, nothing to win against others. It is just about you and being satisfied with what have you done...

@sodoma that's a good point, it would be nice to be able to unload the truck to try and get unstuck. But you would need many more logs in the back for it to be real.

On a related topic, I remember a YouTube video of real Russian logging, where the driver used the crane to balance the truck: the trail was muddy and offcambered, so the driver took 3 or 4 logs in the crane, and held these logs on the side to balance the truck. Real life stuff, not a mudrunner cheat 😂
Another thing we could do if we had real logs at the back, and not one big load.


I can only speak for myself but I don't want to cheat the game. Ideally I don't even want to have the option or ability to cheat. I guess it's a mental thing. So while I don't abuse these loopholes, I'd be even happier if the loopholes didn't exist. Then when you talk to friends about finishing some delivery, you don't have to ask "but did you do it legitimately or did you use a cheat"?

How about making loose logs in carriage breakable? Second - slightly lower log grip in carriage. "Proprerly packed" logs ain't breaking 'cause "stress is distributed evenly and won't break that easily" (the "batch" is unbreakable like it is now). Second is for when on move, loose log is more likely to slip away. To counter this - hold sticks with crane, but too much force will break log (similar to diff lock stress mechanic on HC mode or any other fallen tree that breaks under vehicle's weight), too low - log, will slip anyways due to not enough grip.
Also slap the "engine tension" mechanic to loose logs to determine chances of logs breaking due to rough driving. Basically all logs have engine's tacho and "throttle" set to certain value plus regen rate ("acceleration"). Game detecting stress applied to logs (bumps, scratching) and adds some "stress" on said "log tacho" with multiplier comparable to truck's/cart's speed that lowers value on "log tacho". When resulting "stress" is reached red a.k.a. "stalling engine" levels - log receive damage and gets small multiplier to "shock" power. This way careful driving will not harm logs, lots and/or continuous small bumps will not let restore "log tacho" and sticks will slowly degrade until they eventually break. When "log tacho" reach "stall" threshold - log will break regardless of accumulated damage multipliers, but damaged log will break faster than "intact" one.