MudRunner - Introducing the D-538!


The Ridge is a brand new free DLC coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One on May 29th, 2018. This second DLC will introduce brand new content to the game, including two new vehicles, a new map, and a brand new game mode - Scavenge. The new map, The Ridge, will feature a ridge that splits the map in two, and will require players to scout a route, and then make their way over the mountain.

In the lead-up to The Ridge's release, we're bringing back the Vehicle Presentation to talk to you about the awesome new vehicles coming to the game in the free DLC! This will also be a great place to ask questions about the vehicle specifically, how it handles, and the niche it fills.

Vehicle Description

Designed for the rugged terrain of The Ridge, The D-538 is a vehicle powerfully designed to recover loads while scavenging. A large vehicle, equipped with powerful offroading abilities, the D-538 is a great complement to a nimble scouting vehicle and shines when properly supported.

Game Stats

Featuring a fuel capacity of 400 litres, and able to take up to 800 points of damage, the D-538 is a powerful vehicle, able to carry large loads across mountainous terrain, and easily recover logs in Scavenge Mode.



A vehicle featuring All-Wheel Drive, and with an always enabled Differential Lock, the D-538 is at home in the rugged hills of The Ridge.


The D-538 struggles on roads, as it is built purely as an off-road vehicle.


  • Fuel Canisters - Able to carry 120 literes of Fuel

  • Fuel Trailer - Able to carry 900 litres of Fuel

  • Garage Trailer - Able to carry 2 Garage Points

  • Loader - Able to load Logs onto a trailer

  • Medium Log Trailer - Able to carry Medium Logs (with The Valley DLC installed)

  • Short Log Trailer - Able to carry Short Logs

  • Spare Wheel - Able to carry 120 Repair Points

  • Utility Trailer - Able to carry 300 litres of Fuel, and 400 Repair Points

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In general, I am not a huge fan of 4x4, but this one... Maybe I'll make some exception... 🙂

@iyagovos Why don't you add few pictures instead of only old one? Or even better, put a short video showing new vehicle in action!

this is so awesome I can't wait for this
thank you devs

The machine is a beast 👍

how many balance points will this use?

@sodoma said in Spintires: MudRunner - Vehicle Presentation - D-538:

In general, I am not a huge fan of 4x4, but this one... Maybe I'll make some exception... 🙂

And "Type K-700"?

@digidi said in Spintires: MudRunner - Vehicle Presentation - D-538:

how many balance points will this use?

I would guess as much as "Type K-700" does, but I don't know.

I use K700 just as a loader. I have no other use for it, it is surprisingly weak as rescue vehicle, I can't carry any addon on its own, just trailers and it is quite awkward to drive. But as a loader it works well, expecially because it can take "whole load" at once. And because I play in HC mode, I have to:

a) sacrifice one vehicle for loading
b) travel with crane all the time

If there is K-700 available on the map, choice is obvious 🙂

In matter of points: it is a D-class, so that suggest 4*, but also it is not 8x8, that suggest it will be slightly weaker so maybe 3*? 4x4 B-66 has 2* (at least I think so), but that seems to be ridiculously few for this monster. 3* seem to be reasonable...

@sodoma Agreed ! I recently tried for the first time to haul a medium log trailer with K700, and it kind of sucked at it...
K700 is good on it's own, but when it has to pull something, it is not the best vehicule imo

Never tried to haul logs with k-700. Gonna have to give it a try! DLC can't come soon enough!!☺

The next DLC should have the gas 2308 ataman as a scout vehicle and the Ural polarnik as the log hauler

Pretty excited to play some new content, almost got my pc built, then it'll be mod heaven, but till then, this'll do nicely. Thanks guys.

I already saw the new fuel trailer in game xD its preatty awesome to see some of the new added stuff befor release, also its possable to join the new maps on console even if the update isnt officially released yet... when the valley came out everybody was haunting for a lobby xD thats a huge hype befor release in my eyes 😉

its way under-powered please fix this it has the same engine as the maz535 but ingame its very weak

It's a different beast. Just use low box and get used to it not having any suspension...

i did some research it looks like we have the KZKT-538DP long wheelbase version and not the standard maz-538

the KZKT-538DP has the same weight as the maz-535

maybe its because it has 4 wheels and because of that a higher ground pressure plus the wheels are bigger so thats also reducing power.. i guess steep inclines should be avoided with this vehicle

(still a small buff would be nice)

EDIT: i just found a typing error in the game files the 538 should have a torque number of 220.000 but it says 120.000

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the game files say the engine has 120 000 torque (which is less than the k-700)
so I did a bit of testing and in my opinion increasing it to 160 000 makes this strong enough but still balanced 220 000 would be too much but that's up to the devs to decide
one thing I don't know if changing the torque has any effect on the fuel consumption