I purchased this game through steam a couple of weeks ago because I have been excited about this game for a while. I booted it up and started the tutorial, Big Mistake!

I got through the click here to move and then the screen died. I tried to reboot my system to get a crash dump but nothing was logged. Now 2 weeks on I cant play anything! Everything crashes. I have uninstalled the device completely. I have tried older drivers. Nothing.

Needless to say I am pissed. Do I want a refund? No. Oddly enough I am really excited about this game as I am a fan of the Tabletop version as well.

I know this wont happen but I have a EVGA Nvidia 780ti that I can't use because this game screwed it up. Oh I know what will be said. "Its an old card.", "How can we be held responsible for what happened to you?".

I know the drill about how it is my risk that I take with any software, but come on. Even on steams own forums others have had similar issues with it crashing on almost the same exact spot. This is a programming issue and I feel it has ruined a perfectly solid card.

Now I have to pony up $300 plus to get a new card just so I can do anything other that streaming Netflix on my rig.

I am voicing my frustrations on the off chance that Focus will do something other than just refunding me the price of the game. One I still really want to play.

Let the trolls descend..............